10 Young Birmingham Changemakers You Should Know


Over the last 12 months our YSC have been working on developing their leadership and governance with Beatfreeks. We have had 3 meetings quarterly and our final meeting will be on the 16th July. This years YSC have had training with Helga Henry in: What is Governance and Being on a Board. They have all chaired and co-chaired a meeting and have had a key influence in building and developing the community.

They will be the next generations of leaders in the city.

From co-creation, to governance, the YSC are trained and ready to take on the next challenge. They are trained and ready to be the next leaders and change makers in the city.  This years YSC were an instrumental asset with regards to Brum Youth Trends, from consulting with us around the questions and how we framed them, to testing out iterations of the questionnaire and the online survey – they directed our approach to young people across the city in this years iteration of Brum Youth Trends.  

The YSC have had unlimited access to our networks, speaking and development opportunities. They have been at the forefront of our opportunities and have been key influencers as organisational decision making, from advising Young Giant on how they can better engage with young people to being critical friends when designing the Brum Youth Trends questionnaire. 20% of the YSC have graduated to other Youth Boards, 100% of the YSC have been offered paid opportunities and placements. 30% of the YSC are working full time in the arts. We have also offered tailored skill development to every member of the YSC.

This years graduates of the YSC:

(From top left to right) Diandra: Educator and producer. Seunfunmi: Spoken word artist and marketeer. Keshena: Director of Project Birmingham and BDM at Geese Theatre. Tia: Graduate in Media & Journalism and New Style radio presenter. Hauwa: Law Graduate and MA. Mathilde: Theatre maker and marketeer. Tamara: Founder of Here’s Real. Richard: Community change maker. Sevven: Curator and Visual artist. Isobel: International social change convenor. 

Written by Zeddie Lawal.

For more information about our Youth Steering Committee and to express interest in joining the upcoming cohort, visit here.



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