Beatfreeks is run by our largely Birmingham-based staff team. We also have an extended network of associates who we work with on specific projects, keeping our work agile and responsive.


Anisa Morridadi

The Matriarch. Passionate about the relationship between creativity, innovation and change. Forbes 30 Under 30. Wears her Brummie accent proudly.
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Joyti Kaur
Project Manager at Beatfreeks

Former Psychologist. Loves all things glitter. Passionate about change, empowerment and equality.
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Martha Harrison
Executive Assistant at Beatfreeks

Theatre maker, producer & all-round collaborator. Provides an abundance of enthusiasm, detail & kindness. Loves Janelle Monáe.
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Enkee Gantumur
Finance Officer at Beatfreeks

Accountant who loves numbers, tap dancing and travelling.
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Amy Clamp
General Manager at Beatfreeks

Theatre producer and developer. Loves to make things happen!
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Coree Kirby
Project Co-Ordinator at Beatfreeks

Family man, Villa fan, loves The Lord of the Rings & chess.
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Thea Elizabeth Fraser
Project Manager at Beatfreeks

Creative writer with a passion for all forms of self-expression. Proud plant parent (42 and counting, barely mentions it).
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Ella Brandt
Account Executive at Beatfreeks

Normally found wearing black and eating plantain. Likes singing a lot. Likes Bubble tea too much. Likes everything else the right amount.
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Tara Buckley
Head of Operations at Beatfreeks

Supports the mobilisation of stuff - people, culture, change
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Abi Hearle
Project Manager at Beatfreeks

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Katie Bayliss
Business Development Manager at Beatfreeks

Passionate about creating and building relationships with people. Happiest when exploring the great outdoors - especially when her dog is included in the adventure.
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Cara Pickering
Project Manager at Beatfreeks

An experienced project manager and curator with a passion for place-based system change, art, culture and karaoke.
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Kyri Koni
Head of Client Services at Beatfreeks

Experienced Account Manager focussed on keeping clients happy. Big Tottenham Hotspur fan and very fond of his dog Quincey!
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Gabi Ferdinand
Project Manager - Research and Insight at Beatfreeks

Former academic excited about generating insight that has real-world impact. Loves travelling, live theatre and tinkering with jewellery.
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