Founded in 2013 by Anisa Morridadi

as a way to bring young people and businesses together because there was a growing divide, Beatfreeks started with an experiment.

What would happen if you give young people free and open space to talk about their ideas, thoughts & feelings? Will anyone come? Will they have anything interesting to say? Will anyone care?

That space became Poetry Jam and has powered the community ever since on the first Thursday of the month. It’s an open mic platform for stories, poems, raps, monologues, rants and debate. It’s how we build our connection with young people and youth culture. It’s also where we got our first taste for data not just being numbers on a spreadsheet.

The world is changing thick and fast. 

There are new rules being written, new normals being forged, new expectations and desires being unearthed. 

It is young people who are writing these rules, setting these trends and leading the way. 

By tapping into the hearts and minds of future generations, brands and institutions have an incredible opportunity to be culturally vibrant, deeply resonant and relentlessly relevant.

Young people offer access to the future, now. 

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