Beatfreeks x TikTok

“We absolutely loved working with Beatfreeks - they really listened to what we wanted to achieve and responded with creativity, flexibility and dedication. The campaign was a huge success inspiring new ways of working across the business globally. Beatfreeks are experts at what they do and I look forward to working with the team again in the future.”

- Alex Rawle, Public Policy Manager

The brief

TikTok had a big idea to act on their commitment to protecting their community of over 1 billion from harmful digital content. They needed our help to strategise and deliver a campaign.

What we did

 Beatfreeks supported TikTok to strategize and deliver the #FactCheckYourFeed campaign which will now be used as a template model for similar campaigns:

  • Conceptualised the name of the campaign #FactCheckYourFeed as part of #LearnOnTikTok
  • Produced 25 key creative briefs, bringing the core messages to life in partnership with 5 national subject matter expert organisations and TikTok; The Student View, DCMS, Citizens Advice, British Dietetic Association, Jo Cox Foundation.
  • Mobilized 18 diverse, established content creators to produce the videos for the campaign’s five phases; media and news literacy, financial literacy, vaccine misinformation, diet and exercise misinformation as well as ‘us versus them’

The outcome

As of campaign completion (24.9.2021), the campaign content had received:


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