Beatfreeks are always on the lookout for new talent, and we love being flexible with how we work with you. If you align with our approach and deliver work to an incredibly high standard, you could be perfect to join our team as an Associate.

Associates are people who know our work well and can be called on for projects throughout the year. We work in a wide range of sectors and on different scales of projects; sometimes the work is completely outsourced to our Associate talent pool.

Want to apply for our January 2021 cohort? Some of the skills we are looking for at the moment include:

Project Management

Beatfreeks are on the hunt for incredible Project Managers. Your role will be to develop and execute projects with skill, enthusiasm and originality. You will thrive in a fast-paced, youthful environment, be a self-starter, hold yourself and others to a high standard, and be able to get a bit thrifty when needed.

We’re seeking people who are creative, ambitious and determined; people with a track record of producing outstanding projects and programmes which pack a punch. Our projects vary from local to national to international, engaging young people in work as diverse as co-creating campaigns, youth governance, research, and events. See more about how we work here


Some of our work is research based, looking into what young people think, what they want and how we can align this with the incredible brands we work with. We are looking for project researchers who can carry out this work with us, from designing research methodologies to the execution and delivery of insight work. We are looking for people who have a range of research experience, including qualitative and quantitative data capture as well as report writing. We are interested in new ways of collecting and disseminating data sets so that it is accessible, fun and engaging to read. See our work with Slanguages here.

Marketing Strategy &

Beatfreeks are looking for marketeers, the kind who can easily talk to young people and to businesses at the same time; people who can design marketing strategies for a wide range of projects and programmes and can thread a narrative to our wider vision. You’ll have a track record in marketing, social media and communications as well as multilayer campaign management. See an example of our campaign work here.


Beatfreeks are on the look out for experienced videographers with incredible editing skills. We work with brands by responding to briefs, and often these brands are looking for high quality content to share on their social media platforms or with their internal teams. As a youth engagement agency, we want to work with videographers who create work that feels youthful and relevant whilst also being slick and commercial. Beatfreeks are a fast paced organisation so need videographers who can document and edit at speed. See an example from one of our videography associates here.


Beatfreeks are looking to work with incredible PR professionals and companies, people and organisations that can take our vision and translate it for the rest of the world to understand and share. We create shareable content all the time, from thought leadership opinion pieces to the incredible work of young people – we want to get this out far and wide so that organisations, press and institutions can see us. We want people who get our work and love what we do so much that they just have to shout about us. See some of the noise around our Brum Youth Trends research here.

Graphic Designers

Beatfreeks want to work with amazing graphic designers with a keen eye for detail and a belief in the importance of brand. We need graphic designers who have experience in bringing a client’s vision to life whilst keeping a fresh and youthful look to their work. We are looking for designers who have a commercial portfolio and can work quickly, creating work that is both of a high standard and responsive to the needs and wants of a brief. Our Take The Temperature report is a great example of how we have worked with an external graphic designer in this way. You can download the report here.

Design Thinkers

Beatfreeks are looking for Design Thinkers, people with experience in space and installation design as well as conceptual ideas for physical projects. As an organisation we are interested in the importance of data – encouraging clients and partners to make data driven decisions rather than acting on assumption. We also believe that surveys are boring but people are not (although sometimes they are useful!), so we look to build data capture and comms experiences that offer an opportunity for people to share and play with their data in fun and engaging ways. 

Have a look at some of our previous work in this field here.

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