Meet Our Youth Steering Committee ’17/’18

Our Youth Steering Committee are the heart of The Beatfreeks Collective, reflecting our values but seeing a new fresh perspective on all things Beatfreeks. Each member has a different set of skills, intense passions and a unique journey – but as a team they are a cohesive force and an absolute pleasure to work with. We would love to introduce to you – our Youth Steering Committee for 2017/2018.

Sevven Kucuk

“Only 16.4% of art graduates become artists and I want to do everything I can to change this statistic.” As a practising artist in Birmingham, Sevven understands the struggles of having to be heard by ‘the right people’, and is currently growing a creative community of emerging artists in the West Midlands.
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Hauwa Ottun

Passionate about feminism, challenging gender norms, human rights academia and just as important… food. Hauwa is a masters graduate of International Law and currently a part of the first ever TEDxYouth@Brum team as Outreach support.

Richard Whiting

“I found out about Beatfreeks through a socially & politically active friend who has always encouraged me to treat each day as an opportunity to be just a little bit better.” Richard is a Research Associate at the University of Birmingham; facilitating and researching a positive youth development intervention with homeless youth living in supported accommodation. He has a particular passion for mental health, youth homelessness, child welfare, and creative and community solutions to such social problems.

Keshena Bowie

“In any spare time I have you will find me drinking coffee or sharing food with friends – I’m pretty sure I can hear the word tapas from a 10 mile distance.” Keshena is currently working at a technology company in the centre of Birmingham as a Business Development Manager, where she spends her time networking with local and global businesses; as well as being the events director for Project Birmingham, bringing communities together. Keshena is a French and Spanish graduate with a passion for languages and cultures.

Diandra Mcalla

Since a young age, Diandra has always been focussed on music, later studying it at University, and currently working within the events industry bringing ideas to life through projects such as SoundLounge Festival 2017, TEDxBrum and Southside Producers. Diandra believes that “…music and the arts can be used as a tool to empower the most marginalised in our society to take action to make a positive change”.

Seunfunmi Tinubu

“I’m passionate about activism, and the different forms in which we can make our voices heard on issues that matter to us.” Seunfunmi is currently in his final year at the University of Birmingham, studying law, he first came across Beatfreeks at Poetry Jam, where he has gone from not just performing but also hosting.

Tamara Piggott

“I am extremely passionate about the environment, to the point where recycled glass jars are my favourite accessory.” Tamara is currently setting up an ethical fashion marketplace called Here’s Real, as part of a community interest company she has also set up called Hippies with an Attitude, with the idea to reintroduce people to the idea of having memories and positive associations attached to clothes they wear everyday. Each month profits will be donated to a different good cause here in Birmingham.
Contact Here’s Real To Get Involved

Tia Cham

NewStyle Radio and #TiaTalks podcast host, Tia has a passion for radio presenting and the music industry. On her podcast she exchanges experiences and options with guests on a variety of important topics. On top of this she is currently in her final year of University studying Media and Communications.
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Mathilde Petford

Since 8 years old, Mathilde has been a member of Central Youth Theatre, developing a desire to use theatre and activism as a tool for social change, locally, nationally and globally; particularly with marginalised voices. She’s currently Big Brum Theatre’s Digital Marketing Apprentice; aswell as a participant in Creative Alliance’s Foot In The Door where she had the chance to work with various creative organisations including us!

Isobel Wilson-Cleary

“I spend most of my time supporting UK government-funded projects, charities and think tanks to advocate for the people and issues at the heart of what they do l, and communicate their impact.” Isobel is a project manager for a research, communications and policy organisation, who currently works from Impact Hub Birmingham; where she first met the Beatfreeks team. She wants to encourage more young people to get involved in their communities and issues which interest them.

Our Youth Steering Committee is a group of young people (aged 16-30) who influence and shape the direction of Beatfreeks. 


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