Do Something If You Care

All I hear is intense knocks, banging hard like rocks

All I see is pain, pins and needles piercing clots

All I feel at times is this world, inflicted, helpless as i’m staring at it through my screen view

All I know is ‘I love you’ is three magical words, when said, although not meant, can sound so true. 

We’re living in a world of selfishness, no loyalty but I know the youth will pull through with an obsession of tranquility. 

The period between child-age and adulthood are years of freshness and the starting days of a revolutionary. And together they stand strong repealing anything that tries to break, that no weapon formed against, will situate. 

Real compassion comes from seeing the suffering of others. You feel a sense of responsibility, and you want to do something for them. 

Sponsor, fundraise, heal! Reveal a different side to this world which is real. Real hearts want to reach out and help!

Make the unprivileged know nature on a different spectrum, one that contains an authentic collection of lavishing smoke from the mountains and waves that cumulates and formulates patterns.

Landscapes that takes your breath away, tropical plants that makes your eyes water from just a glance away. 

Us working together; allowing them to see the beauty of this universe, the structure that paints a strategic picture, that makes you truly know the illustration of the creator. When they realise there’s more to life then poverty, anguish, corruptions, not even a tornado can stir further inner eruption. 

To have your losses restored, problems resolved like God did to Job will feel like your shining like Gold.

As it’s blissfully fortunate to have a prayer answered to compensate for what’s been wilfully lost, it’ll be like defrosted frost, you’re set free. 

When a malnourished hand stretches out to plea, knowing that could be you, why does being fortunate to have access and privileges, make us feel sometimes like you can turn a blind eye, as long as life is going right for you. 

Together let’s help make the unfortunate dreams come true, and create a world where everyone knows what life is like enchantingly from the same point of view. 

Written by Tanica Psalmist [Facebook]

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