An Update On Our Heritage Work


Kick The Dust is a fund we applied for Summer 2017.  We applied for ‘The Radical Heritage Project’ and were successful in our application pending a 6 month development phase. Since October we’ve been working with a young development group, established researchers and a heritage partner, in our aim to develop the thinking around the project.

Last month in my 10 Things You Should Know About Beatfreeks blog I promised you in my update that there would be a blog post coming out.

After lots of workshops, conversations, artist provocations, introspection by us and research by academics, we felt that despite being committed to decolonisation (we still are – even in our own organisation), we questioned if that’s what we were actually doing and what does it really mean to decolonise?

We developed. We learnt. We emerged clearer for our stage 2 application which has just been submitted.

Read the deck below if you can, it’ll add more depth to what I’ve just highlighted here.


Anisa & the team x

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