Veganise It! – 5 Days of Veganism

Every year I do a New Years Resolution and keep it. Last year I decided to not have sugary snacks for the whole entire year, and cut out alcohol the year before that.

One of my first ever resolutions, when I was just 17, was becoming a vegetarian for a year, which I’ve got to say…. was a breeze! So this year I’m taking it up a notch, and I’m going vegan.

I’ve decided to document a week of my lifestyle, the highs and the lows, the shade to the meat eaters and the praise to the beautiful avocados.

Some things that I learnt:

Even if you’re Vegan you can still enjoy the food essentials such as… pizza and garlic bread! Birmingham’s very own “The Stable” offers a Vegan menu, I highly recommend the James Brindley Vegan Pizza, which is topped with sweet potato and roasted herbs. So good. But their garlic bread, oh my god, that was magnifique.

Cafe Soya’s Singapore noodles were absolutely fantastic! Regardless if you’re a meat eater or not this place is the SPOT! However what goes up must come down… To my dearest vegans, unless you have eaten beforehand or have an accustomed palette, I would not recommend The Loft. Save your coins and eat at home, because I paid £8 for disappointment with a side of salt. 

One thing that I’ve learnt is that you don’t have to spend loads to keep up the vegan lifestyle. Head down to your local market. Just take about £3 and you’ll leave with literally 3 pounds of fruit and vegetables. Get a little workout going too as you try and take them home with you. 

Even though this journey for me will most likely only be for a year, just know that for what ever reason you’re doing it, it will get better. As the weeks go on you realise that you can still eat your favourite meals, they just have different ingredients; open up your palette and lets veganise!


Written by Zeddie Lawal; follow her journey though social media.

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