It’s all about Balance

It’s all about Balance 

You know those moments when it seems like all the universe and all the ideas and all the possible possibles are just living in your head? I feel like this pretty much all the time, with multiple projects and commitments all shouting for attention. It’s taken most of a lifetime (19 years or so) to understand that in order to achieve anything you’ve got to find the balance…. And it might take me another lifetime or two to actually master it.

Here are my tips on spinning plates;

There is no one way to do it. The way you find peace might look totally different in someone else’s shoes, don’t let it stop you from working out your own coping methods. Find your own rhythm.

Appreciation, gratitude and thanks. Do it often, it will keep you sane knowing that no matter how crazy the world is getting there are so many small and mighty things to be thankful for. The sun still comes up every day for you.

Prioritise and don’t avoid the hard stuff. This is the one I struggle with the most, it is very easy to let the exciting stuff consume your time, but the more you avoid difficult tasks the more pressing they become and the more trouble they cause.

Remember we are surrounded by superheroes, so the days you don’t feel like one, there are people around just waiting to whip out their capes. Holding face doesn’t do you any good and Rome wasn’t built alone (or something like that).

YOU WON’T GET IT RIGHT EVERY TIME. Sometimes my methods will fail me, my projects will pile up and I might spend two days crashed out in a blanket cave of stress. It’s okay. If you sleep for 14 hours straight, your body probably needs it; the point is to learn from it, use this time to get to know your limits, physically, emotionally and mentally. Start again tomorrow.

I hope that when you need it this helps, or at least makes you smile.


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