How to keep your cool when running a hot event

How to keep your cool when running a hot event


Running an event, whether it’s music, poetry, dance or just something for people to enjoy can have its stressful moments and then its beautiful moments. There’s plenty of top tips on how to run an event, but lets focus on how to keep your cool and enjoy the moments that make it all worth while.

  • Count to 10 and find your zen

There will be those stressful moments, people are firing requests at you, there’s so many questions which you need to find the answers to and so many thing you need to get done but there’s only a short amount of time to get them done. When this happens or you feel overwhelmed take some time for yourself, take some deep breaths and count to 10. This will help to clear your mind and think logically about what to do.

  • Praise the positives, learn from the negatives

When something about your event goes well praise your team and yourself, its important to remember those and not to get bogged down when something doesn’t go so well. When there is that time when things might take a negative turn, learn from them. What did you learn from it and How can you prevent it from happening next time?

  • Remember those who are around you

Tap into the skills of those who are around you, ask for help and advice.  Getting support from those around you will help with the stress levels and learn from them.

  • Remember your goal

What was the aim for your event? What did you want to achieve.? Why did you want to run it? When things are getting a little overwhelming refer back to these goals and aims. These are important to keep those positive thoughts.

  • Hold onto that moment when it’s over

Seeing how people have enjoyed themselves, everyone having a good time- that’s the moment that makes it all worthwhile

Good Luck with whatever type of event you decide to take on!

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