Coming To Terms With Our Mental Health

We have all heard the clichés like; ‘if anything is worth doing right, do it yourself’. But in my humble opinion, I have to say that I very much agree. There are no greater shames felt in the mistakes we make ourselves. But on the other hand; there is no greater volume of information learned, than there are in the lessons we teach ourselves.

So why don’t we trust ourselves to confront our mental health? Maybe it is a lack of self-esteem or self-belief. Maybe for years and years we have repeatedly sat on the benches. Sat and been cast to the role of spectators of our own mental health, rather than tangible subjects of it. We have all witnessed wonderful people during some of these moments of abstract feeling, during some of the most poignant moments in their lives. Moments of tumultuous thoughts – moments of a worsened state of mental health.

But I have also seen those wonderful people come back to themselves. Through experiences (some my own and others) this is my outlook on learning to ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to coming to terms with our mental health.

See it Yourself

Learning to at first recognise and hold the reigns of our own mental health can be, for some sufferers, the hardest point of their illness – as it is the moment of admitting to a very real issue. My outlook here is that the reigns need to be grasped independently, but that does not mean a guiding hand should not lead you to those reigns. I have personally witnessed a myriad of people from varying walks of life deal with this step in a very similar way – they all chose to work independently but worked towards shutting doors on themselves.

Choosing to face the issue and to see ourselves in our own way is a much more positive happening than closing doors on our feelings and interpretations of the world. Seeing it yourself is imperative in reaching out for help. 

Define it Yourself

It can be reassuring as an individual to hear other’s words which empower our own belief systems. Reaching out for help from friends, family, support networks provides links of communication, experiences and advice which can mirror your belief systems and your feelings without the demonising labels.

Understanding other individual’s stories of their mental health can enable you to obtain definitions and form an understanding of your own, without feeling stereotypes. After all, mental health affects us all but yours is your own and you should feel empowered in defining it.

Do it Yourself

Doing it yourself may seem particularly blunt but some self-appreciation where it is due please – you are taking the hardest steps each day and all the while, you are walking yourself! You are choosing to continue onwards, seek support and guidance – it’s what’s brought you to this article. You are already doing it yourself and you can keep doing it yourself.

Silence the doubt.

Written by Kavita Kler

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