Being an introvert in an extroverted working environment

Being an introvert can be frustrating. Feeling comfortable in your own company but needing to communicate and work with a large team to get the most out of your work. When you want to fit in and say your ideas but feel uncomfortable of judgement, anxiety in a group setting can halt your confidence.

You don’t need tips on how to be less of an introvert, there’s nothing wrong with being reserved rather than immediately enthusiastic, but if it’s getting in the way of your work ethic or catching up with your crazy old friends, you may want help on how you can be more proactive.

Tip 1:

Have you ever been in a team that you love but you just can’t find a way to feel comfortable with them? Make friends with just one person. There will be one person with common interests that will want to make friends with you. Once you feel comfortable with them, it should be easier to integrate into the group. One down, eight to go. Making personal connections is easier than making group connections, especially in an environment of creative extroverts.

It can be overwhelming to be in the presences of fast proactive decisions being bounced around and decided upon within the space of 20 minutes. If you feel too unnerved to say something in a social gathering, say it to one person. If you want to push yourself, say it to everyone else afterwards. If you’re shy, as well as being an introvert, it can be a great way to develop yourself by starting to speak up whilst being surrounded by people. I never thought I would be able to do it but I have proved myself wrong countless times.

Tip 2:

You don’t have to do or be involved in everything but involving yourself in things that you are passionate about can be beneficial to you. Extroverts thrive in social situations with human interactions. We don’t, which is fine but it can stop you from progressing or taking part in something that you would love to do. Whether it’s joining a project your team is working on or joining a club that you like the idea of. Go for it. There will always be a majority ratio of extroverts to introverts in social settings so take it easy but make sure that you don’t distance yourself from people that you love. It can be challenging having to keep up with more than one group of friends, especially ones that constantly go out. You may find yourself choosing your new group of friends over your old group but try not to. You may be busy but whether it’s every two weeks, every month or every 3 months. Make time to see your friends. They’re who you feel comfortable with and you may regret losing contact with them.

Tip 3:

Know that everyone is different. You may be an introvert, they may be an extrovert but neither personality type defines you. They may have struggles too, maybe they feel really uncomfortable being alone. Take into consideration other people’s reasons to why they always want to meet-up and do activities or projects.

I still feel uneasy in big groups. I’m OK with that. It allows me to be reflective and I enjoy thinking things through in depth on my own. Take every day at your own pace. Breathe in, breathe out. Everything will be OK. Learn from every experience you take part in. Write a diary of everything you accomplish. Create a bucket list and treat yourself every time you cross off something your introverted self would never accomplish. I’m currently managing a group of content creators. At first it was frightening. But I’m fine aren’t I? 



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