A few cool tips to keep your facilitation hot!

You are not a teacher

This is probably one job you just cant be if you want to be a facilitator. You are not there to get results out of them; you are igniting their passions. Don’t think they’re all going to want to be there, we all get dragged to things when we’d actually rather be in bed on Netflix. Don’t shout for authorities sake, and don’t expect a teacher to, sending someone out of your class only means they might miss the opportunity to have changed something within themselves.

Money can’t be your goal

There are so many artists who assume workshops are the only way (or most paid) work you get. NO, even if it was please don’t do it for that reason. It’s not fair on the hundreds who genuinely want to inspire others and are struggling to get in because you’re hogging the door. Be a nice person, let them in too. There are so many opportunities for work in the creative sector and dammit ‘if you can’t find the right one- make one.’- Anisa Haghdadi, Founder & CEO of Beatfreeks, check out www.beatfreeks.com for more info!

If you don’t like it, don’t do it

You cannot be a facilitator if you don’t enjoy it, this kind of links to my previous point. You have to live to inspire others, you have to know your stuff and have done it for a while before you even start promoting yourself. Understand and accept you are not the best in the world; you are also not the best you can be. It’s down to balance, you should always be learning, wanting to learn and giving.

Read loads

There are so many free articles online and free PDF’s, information on being a facilitator is sweeping the Internet. I read, all the time, on the bus, in bed, you don’t have to read it all at once but when you are facilitating, quoting something online usually works as nice examples. Any participants would want to know that you are constantly learning

Be a participant too!

Put yourself in their positions, being a participant in workshops can be really scary, especially if its poetry and needs vulnerability, be vulnerable, show that you’re just as scared as them. Get involved and they will feel safer.

Pass it on

Nothing is yours, you own nothing. Icebreakers, activities, titles, words its all open sauce for other facilitators, it’s nice to credit others but don’t be overprotective on your workshops! Pass this on, because the world is a better place when we share resources.


I am happy to hand examples of my personal workshop plans to, just drop me an email amerah@beatfreeks.com — Sharing is caring!

In the meantime follow our journey on twitter @BFCreate

With love, Amerah Saleh


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