9 Reasons to become a Vintage Trains Young Advisor

1.     You don’t have to be a wizard to ride a steam train.


2.     You will produce an event for 4000+ people in October. Yes, YOU!


3.     Make something a little old school a little more forward thinking. This about making a change.


4.      You’ll have your first ever meeting (we’re assuming) on a steam train and will get a free day out in Oxford.


5.     You’ll get a reference from Beatfreeks and Vintage Trains. 2 4 the price of 1, not bad going.


6.     Expenses are paid. We don’t want you to lose out so use that daysaver to go do something awesome.


7.     Meet new people. Our co-creators always say to us the community vibe keeps them coming back.

8.     Do something different. Life is about experiences. Don’t miss out on this one.

9.     Design the future and create more opportunities for more people. Pay it forward.


Vintage Trains passengers enjoy the sights, sounds and experiences of steam railway train travel. www.vintagetrains.co.uk



Apply now for a 12 week voluntary role at bit.ly/letsgoVintage

*All GIFs from giffy.com


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