8 Things You Don’t Expect a Girl in a Scarf to Say

1. I don’t understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine

I don’t even think Israelis and Palestinians understand the conflict fully. So why is it when someone mentions the conflict in front of a Hijabi we get the side eyes, the look, you know the look of, “Ah you get this, don’t you?”

© Arrested Development. No. No, I do not. I am more western than my Hijab tells you, and my thick British accent with broken Arabic overlaying is proof of that. 

2.    I only speak English

Like every Hijabi has got to be from Pakistan or Arab (never specifically on where in the Arab world, like there’s one country called ARAB rather than twenty three nations). Best believe there are reverts all across the world, roughly 23% of the world’s population is Muslim (2010 report); please tell me they’re all Pakistani or Arab…. 

There are 300 million Arabic speakers in the world.

3.    How will I do my hair for Saturday night? 

We are not bald (lol). Genuinely, some have hair that falls to their knees; others have hair that is so short a hat would cover it. We play with our hairstyles. We go to parties and yes we take our scarf off when we’re at home. 

©  Beyonce.  There seems to be a silly rumour that Hijabi’s don’t take their scarves off… Ever?©  Beyonce.  There seems to be a silly rumour that Hijabi’s don’t take their scarves off… Ever?

© Beyonce. There seems to be a silly rumour that Hijabi’s don’t take their scarves off… Ever?

4.    Street dance sets me free!

There are some incredible dancers that are Hijabi female Muslims. That makes me so happy.  

5.   I fear for the little girls in scarves in the streets

On a serious note, I do. I wouldn’t want to bring up a daughter in a world that tells her she is a “thing” without giving her the choice. I am very glad I don’t have a younger sister, growing up as a Muslim girl in times where Islam is a monster I can’t imagine the internal battle they face. 


6. “Bacon tastes amazing.”

I joke. I have never tasted it, maybe it does, I don’t eat meat anyway. 

©  Neonmob©  Neonmob

© Neonmob

7. On the rocks please..

Orange juice on the rocks, what were you thinking? Personally, I am not a fan of alcoholic beverages however, don’t assume anyone in a scarf represents the whole of Islam. It’s the same argument as terrorism. A terrorist doesn’t represent Islam, but no human does. So stop looking weirdly when a Muslim female asks you for something you don’t think makes them a good Muslim. This idea that there are ideal Muslims living on Earth is total crap – the only person who was perfect was the prophet (SAW) and he doesn’t hang around here anymore..

8. I am an artist. I am not a doctor, lawyer, nurse or housewife.

This is for the ones that always double look when they see a Muslim female doing well for herself, when they see a Muslim woman in the media, setting up a business, inspiring the next generation, singing beautifully. This is for the ones who think Muslim women are the oppressed, let me pop that bubble… 

©mvslim. Have a look at this: http://mvslim.com/10-muslim-women-that-ruled-2015/ 

A little lighthearted and personal. So you, who is reading this and connecting in anyway, you got this. 

I got you. 

We, together, have got this.

Written by Amerah Saleh.

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