Unlocking the Power of Young People: Why Your Business Needs a Youth Panel

As an insight agency specialising in youth engagement, we truly get the incredible value of diverse, young voices (we don’t stop talking about it to be honest!)
So, in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the perks of setting up a youth panel. Get ready to fuel innovation, supercharge your decision-making, and forge genuine connections with your young target audiences. Trust us when we say that teaming up with a youth communication agency and tapping into the collective wisdom of young people is a real game-changer for the success and future-proofing of your business. Let’s dive in!

In an era where change moves at lightning speed and staying ahead of the curve is paramount, even the very best of us can find it challenging to keep up with the pace (at Beatfreeks, we hold a weekly company-wide meeting just so we can keep up!)
The disappointing truth is, many senior leadership teams still lack the diversity needed to tap into fresh insights, new trends, underrepresented voices and invaluable data. To create innovative, inclusive, and forward-thinking strategies, we must seek the perspectives of those who have been traditionally excluded from decision-making processes.

So, here’s a wild thought: Have you ever contemplated the transformative potential of incorporating a youth panel into your business? 🤔

For many business leaders, the notion of incorporating a youth panel may have never crossed their minds. BUT, what if you could infuse your business with the energy, creativity, and fresh perspectives of young people? Trust us, the impact can be truly remarkable (and we know firsthand from our decade of experience… just saying!)

At Beatfreeks, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power that comes from including young voices in decision-making processes. And, call us biassed, but we firmly believe that all businesses, regardless of size or industry, can unlock a world of untapped potential by embracing the value that a youth panel brings to the table.

Lucky for you, with our wealth of experience, we can tell you ALL about it…

Inspired by our collaboration with clients, including the West Midlands Combined Authority, HS2 and Lendlease, we’ve seen how involving young voices can drive significant impact and positive change across sectors and topics:

West Midlands Combined Authority: How the Young Combined Authority Drove Regional Transformation

Together with WMCA, we designed a 12-month youth governance structure and recruited a diverse cohort of 33 young people from key areas in the region.

The Young Combined Authority (YCA) served as ambassadors, representing their communities and influencing the region’s agenda. Their perspectives and ideas became an integral part of the decision-making process, leading to groundbreaking outcomes. Through monthly meetings, working groups, and mentoring opportunities, the YCA members not only contributed to projects aligned with their passions but also received personal and professional development support from Beatfreeks.

By working with Beatfreeks on the YCA project, the WMCA gained access to a vibrant youth panel who were brimming with ideas and ready to share their thoughts and insights. This dynamic exchange of knowledge was a game-changer. By actively engaging with young people, the WMCA had access to an invaluable window into the ever-evolving world of trends, preferences, and behaviours. Gone are the days of making assumptions or relying on outdated market research. With a youth panel like this, organisations can gain real-time access to authentic and up-to-date insights straight from the source.

Youth Panel: HS2’s Catalyst for Change and Talent Revolution

HS2 is determined to promote diversity in industries associated with its project and create opportunities for underrepresented individuals. To achieve this, HS2 has actively engaged with young people aged 16-35 through a dedicated youth panel (facilitated by, you guessed it, Beatfreeks!)

This collaborative initiative is allowing HS2 to tap into the valuable insights and support of diverse young voices while empowering them through meaningful experiences. By embracing young perspectives, businesses like HS2 can reimagine their hiring processes, diversify their talent pipeline, and secure the best possible talent for the future.

HS2’s commitment to driving diversity and empowering young people demonstrates a progressive approach to talent development. By involving young individuals and valuing their ideas, HS2 can ensure that its initiatives are relevant and beneficial to its key audience. This partnership between HS2, Beatfreeks and the youth panel serves as a great model for businesses seeking to tap into the potential of young minds and create a more inclusive and dynamic workforce.

Lendlease: Amplifying Youth Voices for the Smithfield Redevelopment

Lendlease recognised the importance of representing the diverse communities of Birmingham in the masterplan consultation for the Smithfield redevelopment in the city centre. Among the communities they sought to engage, young people held a crucial role, considering the project’s long-term nature.

To ensure that the masterplan consultation incorporated the ideas, needs, and opinions of young communities, Beatfreeks assembled a diverse group of 22 local young people and conducted six sessions over a two-month period. During these sessions, the young participants interacted with architects, project consultants, and Lendlease representatives, offering their own feedback and ideas to shape the masterplan.

Reflecting on the project’s impact, an Assistant Development Manager at Lendlease emphasised, “Working with Beatfreeks allowed us to have really meaningful and insightful conversations with local young people. Often, young people don’t attend traditional consultation events, so this work allowed us to really understand what 16-25 year olds will need and want from the project whilst also offering them a meaningful experience too.

Could a Youth Panel Work for Your Business?

A youth panel offers business leaders an exciting chance to tap into the unique perspectives and experiences of young people and gain authentic and valuable insights into the latest trends, preferences, and behaviours of this dynamic demographic.

When you incorporate a youth panel into decision-making within your business, you’re not only bringing a fresh and innovative approach to problem-solving but also fostering a stronger connection between your brand and the next generation. By actively involving young people in your strategy, you demonstrate a genuine commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and social responsibility (things we love to see!)

If you know Beatfreeks, you know we’re not just about creating value for our clients, but also about creating real value for young people too. Engaging young people in your business provides them with invaluable experience and skills that will undoubtedly shape their future careers. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us. You gain meaningful insights whilst simultaneously contributing to the development of the next generation of leaders, preparing them for success in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

Imagine the possibilities for your business. By collaborating with a youth engagement agency like Beatfreeks to facilitate a youth panel, you can unleash the power of youth within your own organisation. You’ll gain an opportunity to embrace their unique perspectives, innovative ideas, and authentic insights whilst also showing the world that your brand is committed to inclusivity, diversity, and social responsibility.


If you want to learn more about how we could embed youth voices into your business to develop strategy and planning, drop us a message today!
It’s time to unleash the power of young people and shape a brighter future for your business and the next generation. 🌟


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