New Year Resolution Survival Guide

At the end of every year, at precisely 00:00am, I make a vow to either give up something or start a fresh and pretend that the year before did not exist.


This blog is not about how every sacrifice has made a drastic change in my lifestyle because in actuality, I don’t think it’s changed much at all. However I have changed in a few ways such as: the way I view relationships (in terms of health), subtle daily addictions, and self control (including how to cut corners and still stay within the guidelines of what was chosen to be sacrificed). This year I thought I was super woman and decided to give up three things. Almost a year later and two out of three have gone swell and the last thing didn’t go completely how I wanted it to – but I’ve tried and I’ve learnt more about myself from that.

After everything I’ve learnt, here’s a short survival guide to giving something up for the new year:

Find the beauty in saying no…


If you’re a person who struggles with saying no to people, this tip will be a blessing (and a curse because you’ll start saying no all the time).

When someone asks something. Stop for one second, take a breath, predict all of the future possibilities that may or may not happen that you could do instead of this task, and then, before you try to follow your instinctive yes, ask yourself – is it really worth it? Does this situation deserve my time and energy? Will I really be able to handle the repercussions?

Then say no.

Think about how magical having spare time can be. Think about how you can treat yourself by doing something that you want to do; such as staying home, reading that book you’ve been needing to read, writing music… however you escape.

Gross yourself out…


Unless you already know how to fast – a great technique is to make food and other things, really disgusting in your mind. Lets say you’re at McDonalds (after sheer protesting of course) – and you’re tempted to get a milkshake. Think about the most disgusting thing that may have accidentally landed into your milkshake… like blended maggots and snot. Ew.

This can work with pretty much everything, you’ll be so quick to turn around and leave.

If that doesn’t work, adopt the ‘there’s rice at home mentality’ – ethnic parents know far too well, and for those who are lucky enough to have not experienced this statement, it’s the ultimate excuse to save money and time when you’re going passed a fast food joint. “Who needs KFC when we have rice at home?”

Transfer your energy and fall in love again…


If you’re the type of person who finds themselves being burnt out because you have given too much of yourself, whether it be for work, friends or family. Take the time to invest some of that energy back into you.

Find ways to prevent yourself from tiring yourself out, reassess how you do things, try to figure out when you are pushing yourself too far. Transfer your energy into healing & falling in love with yourself. Focus on how to make yourself better. You’ll start to pinpoint when you started seeking unhealthy habits, and generate methods to do something else that’s more productive.

On a final note just remember not to be too hard on yourself! It’s not about the sacrifice its what you learn on the way, just note that you always have more than one option. So switch things up!

Written by Zeddie Lawal.

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