To The Future

The future is a funny thing to think about – days escape us and before we know it we are in December, fretting about Christmas present shopping and whether or not to order a turkey for 8 or 10 people (we are a family of 6 this year, so decisions concerning post-Christmas day turkey sandwiches are a big deal).

In the future lots of things will happen that will test us, excite us, make us laugh, and probably cry too. The front page news or what we hear on the radio can often overwhelm us – sometimes the future itself can seem beyond our control. But it’s important to remember we can change things. For the past month – rather than consuming the news we’ve been writing postcards to one another in an attempt to create our own. This is our future – we’d love to hear yours.

13th November, 2017

Dear Katie

The future – is it bright? I really do hope so, we are supposed to look forward to it aren’t we? The future contains our hopes and dreams whatever they may be. For me it’s a place where the sun shines, or if it rains I will see a rainbow and when it becomes dark I will see stars. It’s a place where the impossible becomes possible. Much love, Momma x

20th November

The future.

Not written on a postcard but the back of a flyer for a show I saw last week. A beautiful show now folded in half. In the future there will be more shows. A curtain will rise for the millionth time and an actor somewhere will forget his lines. A polar bear will lose his home due to global warming and someone will leave a light on needlessly. People will die. And thousands more will be born. The worlds population will grow and we will lose people we love. I’ll cry. And laugh, sleep, eat, love, live. I’ll see you there. X

25th November

Dear Katie

The future is a mystery, it’s the unknown. For each of us it’s difficult and some of it is beyond our control – think Trump, Putin, Brexit, North Korea, Isis. But…we can control how we think and what we do. So let’s walk  forward into the future, make plans, dream big, give ourselves hope because without that, what do we have? Momma x

28th November 2017

The future.

I hope it’s bright. As long as we’re all together it will be. I hope it smells nice, like a well-worn perfume that clings around my neck, willing not to let go or be lost to the wind. I hope we continue to get lost in stories –that old books will still take preference over kindles or iBooks and that people will start to look up from their phones when ordering their morning cup of coffee. I say hope, but we can’t rely just on that – for hope exists in the dark crevices and it is what we do in response that really matters. May we eat cheese and marmite on toast, in the future. May we drink tea from mismatched mugs and count the stars in the sky. May we continue to make time for each other and savour moments in the day. May the future be bright because the sun shines bright in the day and not just because the light reflects from the plastic bottles that have blocked the ocean because we didn’t listen. May we listen now.  X

7th December

The future – ‘You can’t start writing the next chapter if you’re still reading the last one.’ – useful to remember as I go into the future. I am about to move house, it’s scary but exciting especially as there is a lot to do – an ongoing project! But I have to be brave, I can do it, I will, it’s just another challenge for me. So let’s not be afraid of the future, let’s take a chance because if we don’t, we will never know will we? Much love, Momma x

13th December 2017

The future. In the future you won’t be living at your current home anymore. You’re about to embark on a new adventure, in a new home – and I’m so excited for you, and proud in equal measure. Tomorrow we say goodbye to Grandma and again I am reminded of the fragility of life.

The future is something we must cherish – we must embrace it with open arms, for it is so precious, isn’t it? x

Written by Katie & Deanne.

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