Do It Yourself

When one door closes another one opens they say. But does it open randomly or do you need to give it a nudge and wiggle the door handle?

Recently I’ve come to understand the importance of creating opportunities for yourself that aren’t there already, the importance of doing it yourself.

As I’m now in my final year of university, the conversation of what I want to do for the rest of my life is one that I am having more and more with many different people. And in that convo the issue of location is always mentioned.

Birmingham, the only place I’ve ever known as home. Known for the accents and home to both Cadbury’s chocolate and the biggest library in Europe; but despite all the greatness buzzing in the city, the question of whether I have to move to London is still one I pander on. Scrolling through Indeed and my Twitter timeline, I see job posts for my dream jobs. However, they’re always based in London, making it seem like the city of opportunity.

So how do I deal with this issue? Do I move?

I mean I could… but in this day and age, with the blessing that is social media and the internet in general – people like you and I are able to create such opportunities from the comfort of our own homes. Take it back twenty years ago, who would have thought that in the future – people would be able to switch on a camera and start speaking to it and make a livelihood from it? But yet here we are in 2018 where people are being catapulted to crazy levels of fame as a result of typing up their feelings and sharing it with the world or filming their daily lives and posting it online.

I really believe that developments in digital media have created the era of D.I.Y and it’s great! Allowing everyday people to become gatekeepers and create their own opportunities. We don’t necessarily have to rely on companies, we can do it ourselves.

Let’s take myself for example, with dreams of becoming a journalist I struggled to find work experience with the right company, So what did I do? I started up my own blog.

And if there’s one thing I learned from doing that, it is that to be able to have full control over something you create is a privilege that up until recently most people would have been able to have. Not everyone will share your vision and not everyone will believe in you – which is more reason to take the plunge and do it yourself.

Now the thing about ‘doing it yourself’, is that there’s extra pressure and the fear of failure is even more intense but the rewards that come from believing in yourself are amazing. The same faith you have in these companies that you desperately want to work for, is the same faith you should have in yourself. Have faith in your ideas, have faith in your ability to execute them and most importantly have faith in your ability to do it yourself.

Written by Tia Cham

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