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By the time the fires reached the outskirts of the citythe rats had all fled the centerdiving out of the streetsand into the rivers where

Sixty Nine

Nobody can possibly live like this, plugged into the nerves of the city directly feeling every car-crash and mugging, tasting every drunken stumble homeand every

Brown Grass (For Anisa)

When we were still youngthe grass in my garden was always green,vibrant, jade and magical, we lived vivid beneath cerulean gem skies untouchable in our

Sixty Six

Yesterday the trees taste like smoke and ritual scarring. Yesterday the earth is freshly tilled and foxes have never been called ‘urban’. Yesterday the hunters


He is waiting for someone to come alongand sweep him off his feetinto the dustbin where he belongs.He knows that his skin is hisbut it’s

Circles (For Charley Barnes)

Mars loops wildly around the Sun,cutting it’s wake as though it knows that is named for a war god.  Mercury spins fierce, bobbing and dashinglike

Sixty Three

The billboard flashes in bright neonlike it is auditioning for a place at a raveright behind the DJ where everyone can see itand no-one will

The Ocean- (For Daisy Edwards)

If you needed any more evidencethat humanity was made for this planet then look no further than the sheer quantity of waterthat makes us both


When even one’s own hands begin to rebelit is perhaps time to Surrender the pen In favor of a new weapon

Garden Bonfires: The Rules

1)   Make it as big as possible 2)   Get everyone involved 3)   Check for hedgehogs 4)   Leaves leaves leaves! 5)   Only dry leaves 6)   Don’t use mum’s nice roses 7)   Don’t use

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