Marketing and Communications Manager

We’re seeking a Marketing and Communications Manager who is able to amplify our brand and articulate our value through punchy, impactful messaging across multiple platforms speaking to multiple audiences.

It’s a big role because communications is at the heart of what we do: speaking to young people and clients, and ultimately getting them speaking to each other.

We want someone who is social savvy (in order of importance: Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Mailchimp), great with words (compelling copywriter) and experienced in bringing campaigns together (grouping key messages and planning them clearly).

We want to creatively capture how different communities are adapting their everyday lives and coping with the situation. This aims to show an understanding of different cultures and different countries, but also create a sense of connection between people as we are all responding to the same situation.

This is our time to document history in the present.


  • The first round of applications deadline is Mon 12th October at 9am.
  • Interviews for shortlisted candidates will take place on Monday 19th October all day at Beatfreeks HQ or held on Zoom with our General Managers, a Board member and a Youth Steering Committee member.
  • We will be sending out interview questions in advance so you can prepare. We don’t want to trip you up, we want to see if you’re truly a good fit for us.
  • Successful applicants will be invited to a second round meet with our CEO.


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