Beatfreeks x AVFC

The brief

Aston Villa Football Club have an ambition to grow the women’s league and the audience and fan base around women’s football. AVFC wanted to find out from Gen Z what barriers they may face in accessing women’s football and then use these findings to steer a marketing campaign to attract new audiences.

What we did

Beatfreeks carried out some quantitative and qualitative data capture with 250 young people aged 16-30 from the Perry Barr and surrounding areas in order to understand the barriers. This data capture consisted of an online survey as well as a series of fun & engaging online focus groups to really understand young people’s views. 


The outcome

  • A fully designed, public facing report that discusses themes around women’s football, including detailed findings, and clear recommendations to AVFC and the wider community.

  • Supported on the building of an Action Plan for AVFC intervention to build support for and challenge misconception of women’s football.

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