Tastes 1

I wonder sometimes what would have happened if our first date was a dinner.   How you would have spent the time  controlling your gag reflex at my spaghetti carbonara   whilst across from you, I’d shudder as you bit into your water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.   How quickly I’d have drifted off with […]


She wants to scoop out my wax   She says there’s something satisfying about seeing a wall inside my ear and imagines the sucking pop of unplugging it.     I pretend not to hear her.

At Puregym

The Top 40 charts pause –  someone has dropped their squat bar too hard and made the disk skip.   Without the club beats, the workout space is no longer what it usually is –  essentially, a well-lit night-club writhing with bodies and eyes flicking at someone else’s deltoids.   Now, the silence consists of […]

Advice on how to fall and rise

Catch the pavement with your toe   drum the ground with  knee heel of palm other knee knuckle   feel the people part like Moses around you.   Stand up dust down.     Laugh at yourself. You must laugh.

Corpse 2

In order to move on, make yourself into a body bag.   Change your essence into dense plastic.   Hollow yourself out.   Get over them   physically.

Corpse 1

Relationships that have ended bare far too much similarity to dead bodies.   They don’t just disappear   They die. The smell will stay with you forever.


The winter after, you notice she’s developed a habit at dinner.   Takes huge pinches and sprinkles it like frosting on tiny spoonfuls.   You warn her that salt works like spice. The more you put on, the less you can taste.   She continues   piles a small Christmas   on her plate.

Bedroom Eyes

As a child, she hugged her teddies too hard to her chest face-in, oblivious to friction.   The button-eyes always came off. On odd mornings she would wake up to find the pupil of her favourite bear on the carpet staring at the ceiling.   It stung her to learn that her care pulled threads […]

Window Shop Poets

When on display, allow yourself to stand as naked as a mannikins. Face the public boldly and baldly. It’s okay. They weren’t going to be buying anything anyway.

Tip for self assurance

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