Sunglasses for @RhiStorer

My favorite sunglasses were circular and strange.

Bought by my mother at uh auction.

$1 for a whole box of bits and bobs.

Stranger’s trash.


When Ray Bans were all in fashion and everyone else wanted to be an aviator

I found these weirdly wired tings.

Discarded on mum’s desk.

I put on their on their oddness

Wore it like it was my own.

My treasure.


Muh iconic symbol.

Turtle shell frames and sun bending lens

The teasing wouldn’t end.

A worthy sacrifice to reflect my inside out.

First attempts at finding my fashion.


Forever in the cycle of lost and found.

Abandoned in my broken down car

Break into mechanics.

Lost in Digbeth.

Under a mat.

Whenever they wandered they always came back.


Simple, silly shades

Turned out to be a rather expensive antique.

The brand name inscription all but worn out intuh time.

But the only name I had for them was

“Dese hey is mine.”


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