Beatfreeks x Aston Villa Women's FC

The Testimonial

“We really enjoyed working with Beatfreeks on this research and insight project. With their expertise we were able to speak to young people locally that we haven’t spoken to before and really gauge their views on the women’s game. We are now using this data to inform strategies and campaigns that will allow us to grow the women’s fan base for Aston Villa W.F.C and beyond.”
  • Adam Lowe, Head Of Marketing, AVFC

The Challenge

Aston Villa had a social and commercial goal to grow the women’s football audience. They needed to engage with the local community to understand existing relationships alongside the barriers and perceptions.

The Approach

Beatfreeks worked with Aston Villa to gather insight into the barriers, needs and desires of existing and potential young fans across the West Midlands. Through an engaging survey and interactive focus groups with over 300 young people aged 13-30.

By using this detailed and multi-method approach Beatfreeks were able to really get under the skin of young people’s views.


The Results

A high quality and in-depth report discussing key themes and findings, plus clear recommendations for stakeholders and the wider community. As well as building an action plan for Aston Villa to drive support and root out misconceptions around women’s football.

This action plan led to a campaign that is cited on Aston Villa’s website.

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