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Welcome to September’s edition of the DL; your monthly excuse to avoid work for a few minutes because you’re clearly doing serious research/your monthly update on the issues affecting young people RN, with real insights thrown in for good measure 🤌🤌

Together, we try to make sense of it all. So, let’s take deep breath and try to unpack what’s happened over the last month… (how much time have you got??) 🥹

*Deep breaths, everyone*

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This month, HRM Queen Elizabeth II passed away at 96 years old.

Following her death, the throne passed immediately to her son, Charles, the former Prince of Wales.
This article unpacks how Gen Z feel about the new monarch.

Sentiments in that article echo findings from our own National Youth Trends research where nearly 50% of all young people we spoke to said that the British Empire is relevant today in its ongoing legacy of racism and exclusion in society.

Whilst the country entered its period of National Mourning following the Queen’s passing, Sky News wrongly reported that a protest march over the police shooting of Chris Kaba was a crowd of people mourning Queen Elizabeth II.
Media regulator, Ofcom, is now investigating Sky News following 598 complaints and the inaccurate reporting being held up as an example of racial bias in the British media.


Since the last DL (ah, that seems like a much simpler time), we’ve had a new Prime Minister come into power.
Liz Truss stepped into position as leader of the Conservative party.

🔍🔍 Beatfreeks Managing Director, Jen, took to LinkedIn for some reactive, on the ground research to unpack whether people feel confident Truss will address the multitude of issues facing future generations…

Fancy placing bets on the results??
*drum roll pls* 🥁🥁🥁


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Truss’ new chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced the mini-budget last week. The country quickly fell into a swift meltdown shortly after 🫠🫠

🏠 Mortgage offers have been pulled from the market in their hundreds.

🏠 For young people and those yet to get on the housing ladder, owning a home is beginning to feel like a dream that will simply never be attainable.

🏠 This Twitter thread does a great job at highlighting the problems first time buyers and young earners are facing.

Financial experts have also warned that there is little support in the mini-budget for young people. Jen’s LinkedIn poll was clearly a crystal ball 🙃 …#futurist

AT LEAST amongst the chaos, we have the memes to pull us through at times like this 🫶

Tweet courtesy of @LouisStaples


Whilst we’re on the s*** stuff, let’s talk about the ongoing cost of living crisis, which is clearly so bad now that a gameshow prize on This Morning was to have four months of energy bills paid for.
(They withdrew this prize shortly after due to a backlash, lol)

ITV's This Morning viewers in disbelief over change to Spin to Win where  people can win their energy bills - Wales Online

Again, at least we have parodies like this one from Munya Chawawa to laugh (and not cry, as your tears will likely freeze over) in times like this 🥲🥲


News from the ✨Fashion World✨

Fast-fashion brand, Boohoo, has faced a tidal wave of criticism this month after the launch of their new sustainable’ fashion line‘, front by their new ‘sustainability advisor’, Kourtney Kardashian.

Tweet courtesy of @LauradeBarra

The backlash to the collection shows that people are really not willing to take ethical claims at face value anymore.
ESG commitments need to be completely embedded into a brand’s processes and core values if they want to get it right with their consumers.

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Great example of a brand actually living up to its commitments to sustainability: Yvon Chouinard, the billionaire founder and boss of clothing brand, Patagonia, has given his fashion firm away to fight climate change.

The brand’s website now states: “Earth is now our only shareholder.”
🌎 🌎 🌎

Chouinard has always shied away from his wealthy status, telling the New York Times he was “pissed off” to be listed as a billionaire in Forbes magazine.

Speaking of billionaires, incredible watch here on TikTok from climate activist, Mikaela Loach, on why billionaires shouldn’t exist and why we need to redistribute power – ‘building power from the ground up as opposed to the top down.’ 



➡️ A recent survey has found that 77% of millennials and 83% of Gen Z’ers say they feel under pressure to reach ‘traditional’ life milestones.
HOWEVER, the younger survey participants were more likely to feel that there are alternative milestones that society should recognise and celebrate 🙌

I asked the Beatfreeks team if they had any alternative milestones that they’re proud of, and I love love loved these from Martha 💕

Once again, younger people are proving themselves to be a generation of disrupters and are rewriting the rules around what we view as traditionally successful… and I am so here for it 🥰

➡️ Tesco joined TikTok and they smashed it 👏

Encouraging direct interaction with their customers straight away, the supermarket giant uploaded their first TikTok and asked users to duet them to be in with a chance of becoming the new voice of the Tesco self-checkout (iconic???)
The duets have been a joy to watch.

➡️ If you feel like getting creative yourself, and want to be called on by Beatfreeks for PAID opportunities when we’re conducting our projects and client work, register your interest here to be part of our amazing Talent Pool! 

➡️ Finally, if you want to feel old, check out this video of young people discovering a landline for the first time 😭😭



In between now and the next *spooky* DL, (coming to your inbox some time around end of October 👀👀) we’ll be continuing our mission of constructive disruption here at Beatfreeks, working alongside real young people to help our clients stretch the limits of what’s possible, by productively challenging what already exists 🤩

If you want to have a chat about how we could do that for your organisation, drop me a line here.

P.S. I know GIFs have been officially declared cringe by Gen Z, but I write the newsletter soooooo I make the rules here. The GIFs are here to stay, TY xxxxxx 💘

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