Beatfreeks joins Lunar Group

Beatfreeks joins Lunar Group

Putting authentic brand relevance at the heart of the operation

Beatfreeks will be joining the growing Lunar Group to extend the expertise, services and capabilities of the client offering and amplify the creative agency offering.

Beatfreeks, known for their leading expertise in Gen Z and Millennial Trends, connect brands and institutions to the largest generation in human history through world class research and actionable strategy. They have completed work for local and global brands including West Midlands Combined Authority, National Trust, Coca Cola, Mars, Google and TikTok. Now, they will be the strategic research arm of the expanding group, turning real-life data, stories and insights into actions.

Understanding generations is vital, as each carries 20 years of attitudes, motivation, historical experiences and lived events. The key global headlines are; by 2025 all of Gen Alpha will be born, currently over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 and for the first time in human history 5 generations will coexist in one work space. Understanding how your brand stays relevant to these generations is key to success.

Managing Director & Co-Founder of Lunar, Robert Bloxham said: “Since our inception we have worked to deliver best in class, by bringing together experts who are committed to producing exceptional work and that’s exactly what Anisa and her team provide. We recognise that growth for us all hinges on constant relevancy in both our products and our delivery. Beatfreeks will be tasked with powering our insight processes so that we can better service our clients now and for the long term to deliver consistent ROI.’

This venture provides an opportunity to combine Beatfreeks’ award-winning methodology and the Lunar Group’s expertise to deliver a multi-generational offering, that will best service the advancing client needs. By future gazing to define how brands earn their place in culture.

Co-Founder of Lunar, Ed James said, “Birmingham is full of creative energy and talent, but we’ve identified a crucial gap in harnessing the power of insights, particularly around the next generation of workers and consumers – allowing us to keep brands relevant. This partnership is set to bridge that gap, empowering us to elevate our strategic offerings and drive impactful, data-driven results for our clients.”

Founder & Chair of Beatfreeks, Anisa Morridadi said: “With a decade already behind us of influencing some of the biggest brands and funders of our time by centering the voices of those often unheard, this venture marks an exciting step for Beatfreeks increasing our capabilities and our reach. We know companies both crave and fear future generations; and see their ideas and insights as a way to keep braving the uncertainty and earn more relevance. We have seen first-hand that our ‘qual-first’ approach to research leads to better strategy and stronger campaigns. Finding truth and authenticity leads to advocacy, and together with Lunar, we’re on a mission to build truly relevant brands that understand the ‘mood of now’ and are actively shaping tomorrow.

Anisa, will become Partner of Lunar and retain her role as Founder & Chair of Beatfreeks, Sinead Quinn as Director of Client Relations & Operations will be a main point of contact for the Beatfreeks business. Robert will extend his role at Lunar to become fractional Managing Director of Beatfreeks and Jacqueline Tarry will extend her role at Lunar to become fractional Chief Strategy Officer at Beatfreeks.


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