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Welcome to your regular run-down of what’s been making headlines, causing a stir, and generally been a topic of conversation amongst young people this month.

There’s a lot to cover (as always, these days. But hold tight, we’re nearly at the end of 2022… 😮‍💨) so grab a cuppa/coffee/a festive hot chocolate, buckle in and let’s run through it together.

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If your manager asks – you’re conducting important research rn. 
Would things have been different if Twitter had been a more active investor? - Global Venturing

Oh, hadn’t you heard? 
Elon Musk owns Twitter now  🙃 🙃 🙃

In one of the biggest buy-out deals in history, 
Musk purchased the social media platform for $44 billion

Boomer-joke-of-the-year-award (sorry not sorry) goes to Musk after he walked into Twitter HQ to complete the deal… 

Yes. He is carrying a sink. 

Not long after Musk’s buy-out, the use of the N-word across Twitter increased by 500%

⬆️ This, just after Musk declared that ‘comedy is now legal on Twitter’ 🙃

⬆️ Shortly after that statement, he permanently banned several people for impersonating him on the platform

*wearily tries to make sense of the new Twitter guidelines and what is classed as comedy*

✅ Some Twitter users took advantage of the fact that you could now buy your own Twitter-verified blue tick (they’ve since changed this feature, lol) and subsequently, verified’ parody accounts briefly ran riot on Twitter

Disclaimer: the screenshot below is from a verified PARODY account. Don’t come for me. I merely copy and pasted it here for official-DL-news-and-research-purposes. 

As if what’s been going down on the platform isn’t enough, things aren’t looking good INSIDE Twitter HQ either.

In a leaked email to staff, Musk demanded Twitter employees commit to his new ‘extremely hardcore’ work culture or leave.

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🖥️ Across other big-tech companies (Amazon, Meta, Snapchat to name a few) there’s been mass layoffs

This article highlights the mistake many big-tech companies made in assuming that the ‘constantly online’ behaviour we saw throughout the pandemic would continue post-Covid.

Just goes to show that user/consumer behaviour can never be assumed, eh?


In slightly lighter work-related news, here’s some good stuff around Gen-Z and the Future of Work.
(I’m personally a huge fan of how they’re shaking things up!)

➡️ Salary transparency is on the rise, and we have Gen Z to thank

➡️ Working with a Gen Z-er? THIS is what they think of your emoji use

➡️ Do your email sign-offs feel forced? Gen Z are embracing snarky email sign-offs in the workplace 🫶


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Across the pond, (we’re all about the GLOBAL news here too, ya know)

Maxwell Alejandro Frost became the first Gen Z member of Congress

Tweet courtesy of @MaxwellFrostFL

Frost’s campaign focused on the issues Democrats believe appeal to young voters – gun violence, climate change, abortion rights and expanded healthcare.

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction of getting younger voices heard in the rooms where key decisions are made 👏

🛍️ Marks & Spencer is the first UK retailer to introduce a ‘virtual influencer’, complete with their own Instagram account.The response from consumers hasn’t been entirely great…


🥡 Deliveroo is launching a £2.5 million packaging fund which it claims will save over 400 tonnes of plastic packaging waste!

🇪🇸 From 2024, all students at the University of Barcelona will have to take a mandatory climate crisis module.

⚽ Fellow Brummie, Joe Lycett, made headlines this month when he appeared to shred £10,000 of his own money in response to David Beckham refusing the end his controversial involvement in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

🏆 39% of the young people that we spoke to said they would actually be boycotting brands who are sponsoring the World Cup this year.



(Saving the best ’till last, some may say)

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Don’t know about you but I’m needing another caffeine hit after ALL. THAT. INSIGHT. ☕I’ll be back in your inboxes next month for the final DL of 2022 (so emosh, right??)

See you then, you lovely lot.

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