When you ask Google….

So it came round for my time to write a blog again and on the theme of heritage. I was thinking for a while, “what shall I write about music? Food? Religion? Family?” But then I was like, hold up, what does heritage even mean?

So I did the initial google search as you do, google said: “Property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance” or “A special or individual possession; an allotted portion.”

So I was like okaie cool, that’s great, heritage is all about things that people have left for me and said is mine…. Great stuff.

I felt like this is OK, however:

  1. Does this mean I can’t leave heritage behind unless I leave a property (something materialistic) behind that is for someone specific?

  2. I’m sure I can dig and get a bit deeper into this word and really get some content, right?

To me, heritage is about where I’m from, who was there before me and what will be left after me.


In saying this, I was then thinking about how maybe heritage can and will define you as an individual. In both good and bad ways. A few lessons from Likkel Roc’.

Firstly, we need to know our heritage, so we can understand what we are about and why. Secondly, understanding that it is little bits of previous teachings and the person you are today that makes you up as an individual.

So then I was thinking about heritage, that we don’t like to remember and how we may let it influence us and be apart of who we are, even though we do have the options to choose what defines us and what doesn’t. So, it’s about picking the best from the past and the present to create the greatest you. Sounds easy peasy.

Then I was like “OK that’s me thinking and explaining what I perceive heritage to be.”

So I decided to break down the word heritage a tad more, of course.


Herit- Google said this isn’t a word, what?

Age: “The length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed” or “A distinct period of history.”

So I was like hmm, OK…

If age is defined as the length of time a person has lived or existed (or a distinct period of history). In the definition of heritage at the start it mentions property, I need to know, if by property, it’s talking about buildings so that I can know where my thoughts will take me on this. Guess what I went to do?

Yep, I asked my good old pal Google: “Hey, G, what does property mean?”


My pal G said: (Oh hey R, well..) property: “A thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively” or “An attribute, quality, or characteristic of something”

So basically in a nutshell, in the amount of time I will exist on earth I would like to leave a distinct period of history (age), that I can give/leave for anyone who needs it (heritage) because I have a attribute, quality a type or characteristic (property)…… I don’t even know what this means…

On a serious note, from what I have learnt, I am realising that I can be a greater and more knowledgeable me just from looking at my heritage in all aspects and taking the best out of it. Meaning that I can leave the best kind of legacy once I’m gone.


Already just from researching the word heritage I have learnt so much, and it has made me want to learn more on what I’m about and what I’m here for. What is my purpose? *Opens Google and repeats process*

So basically study your heritage and be amazing, okaie.


Written by Rochae Stephens-Morrison

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