We’re Making More Time For You

Over the last 6 months we’ve been working towards upholding our commitment in previous blog “If You Don’t Know The Story By Now“. From conducting a pay review, to the launch of our community socials, to Brum Youth Trends to making spaces for honest dialogue. The last thing was to make more time for people that want 1 to 1’s about the latest in The Beatfreeks Collective.

As you may know, we move quite quickly.

Our year so far has included a restructure, team growth, an office move and multiple events & campaigns throughout the city; all of which has been very exciting but we want to make sure that we’re closer to the community and associates so that we get to experience these things together and just as importantly, authentically.

The diary is open.

Whether you would like to catch up over the day or after work, ask any burning questions or raise issues or concerns, Anisa has opened her diary for the curious and the invested, from young people and associates to clients – to gain more clarity, insight, and a stomach full of coffee.

Book a slot: https://calendly.com/anisahaghdadi/meet-anisa/07-18-2017

An update from The Beatfreeks Collective.

Written by Bradley Morrison.


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