You are living out history. We know you’ve got something to say about it.

We are calling out to 15-18 year old’s across Birmingham! You, or a friend or a family member. 

From August-October we are building a piece of online drama focusing on anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Questions like:

  • Whose idea was it to use ‘BAME’ or ‘people of colour’ to categorise us and put us all in the same box?

  • How does internalised racism affect me?

From August – October, We Are Here sessions will explore these questions and more, we will find creative ways of telling stories and put them into a piece of online theatre. What will that look like? You can help decide.

Do you have something to say on anti-racism and want to find a way of saying that creatively?

Do you write or produce music and want a creative challenge?

Do you take photo’s, make video’s or gif’s and want to work with other creatives on a project?

Join a creative space focused on finding ways of making your opinions heard.

When is it? Every Thursday 5:30-7:30 on Zoom.

How do you actually apply? Its easy, just tell us on WhatsApp

  1. Name

  2. Date of birth

  3. Why do you want to join in with We Are Here?

  4. What will you as an individual bring to / contribute to the sessions?

Via message or voice note To the Beatfreeks phone: 07521 632819 And we’ll get back to you.



Who is this for? • 15-18 year olds in Birmingham

Do I have to write for theatre? What if I don’t like writing? However you want to record what you have to say, you can do. If you prefer to voice note your thoughts, you can. If you write bars you can write that way, or spoken word, or notes. The main thing is finding a way to speak your mind that works for you.

Do I have to have experience? What if I’m not creative? You don’t have to have experience in any creative area to take part. These sessions are mostly about recording our opinions, and we will take you through ways of editing or developing what you write or record. Don’t let feeling like you’re not creative be the reason not to participate, everyone has got their own individual creativity.

What do I need to take part? All you need is access to a phone which can download Zoom for free, a quiet-ish space to take part on a Saturday 12-2pm and a notebook and pen. We can also send out a notebook and pen via the post. Let us know be emailing bethany@beatfreeks.com

What are you waiting for?

WE ARE HERE sessions are made possible with support from BBC Children in Need.

Any more questions? Email bethany@beatfreeks.com or visit our Instagram Page @weareherebrum

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