Try Something New, You Might Just Enjoy It

People constantly forget that the beauty of trying new things and changing is that you can always revert back.


Pragmatism is hardwired into us and is almost built into our very nature, humans are constantly evolving and discovering new things meaning that we’re moving at such a pace that it would be pointless to stay inside the same box doing the same thing day after day. We’re in a vast and ever growing world where opportunities for work and play are extensive. It’s difficult but try to tune yourself out to whatever is going on internationally and focus on making memories that will last for a long time and allow you to learn things about yourself in the short term.

I think it’s safe to say that the general consensus of 2016 is one that cannot be summed up without the use of expletives.


On a global scale, the year was absolutely riddled with celebrity death, dreadful conflict, terrorism and unprecedented political events in which Britain was literally turned on its head and we saw a reality TV star elected as president of the United States.

As the world crumbled around me, I have to admit that my 2016 was pretty outrageous. My first full year of consciousness was undisputedly the best of my life. The notion of trying new things and living in the moment really helped me learn more about myself and it’s terrifying to think I’m going to have to try and top it at some point. In 2016 I stepped outside of my comfort zone and it taught me more about myself whilst allowing me to explore and find new things that I enjoyed. Doing so many new things in such a short amount of time forced me to draw influence from unlikely sources that preceding years probably wouldn’t have allowed me to. It was a year of firsts, that’s for sure.

Part of me honestly believes that the reason I had such a successful and fulfilling year – apart from amazing people, a limited college timetable and seeing The Stone Roses twice – is that I went into 2016 with zero expectations.

As humans we are programmed to be our own worst critic, we set ourselves demanding expectations that might not be feasible and we then base our judgement of said year on whether or not these aims were achieved.


In 2017, allow yourself to let go a little. Say yes more, have fun, stop letting things hold you back. Approaching a pristine year with no expectations will permit you to judge the year for what it is and not on whether or not you achieved a couple of ludicrous goals that you fanatically set yourself at the beginning of the year.

For the record, I’m not saying you should disregard everything that’s important. Of course, you should work hard for your exam results, nail your dissertation, make sure your coursework is done and attempt to keep yourself motivated but try not to forget that you should leave time to have fun and enjoy yourself. Go to that festival in the summer, take that holiday, go on that date; life’s literally too short. It’s safe to say that as much as success comes from working hard, opportunities for unforgettable memories are often thrown at us randomly and mysteriously.

Try something new this year, you might just enjoy it. 

Written by Josh Sandiford.

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