Top Music To Get You Through The Day

On an average day I wake up and put on some Kirk Franklin or some Lauryn Hill, while I get ready to start my day. I’ve had a lot of favourite songs over the years, at the moment its anything chill and soulful, it keeps me sane.


Tiffany Gouché, if you don’t know please get to know ASAP! India Aire, Jill Scott, Jasmine Sullivan, Erykah Badu, are also some of my favourite artists. On Soundcloud my likes go off! Have a look at my favourite songs from under cover artists by clicking here. As you can tell music is my life; all day, everyday. Wake up, music, go to sleep, music. Repeat.


I like writing poetry and music; writing about how I feel and sharing whatever emotion I’m feeling at the time. I just let the words flow as I emerge myself in the aliveness of that expression. Being creative keeps me sane, and as now I am working in a creative environment I feel great.


I am a new apprentice with Beatfreeks, in Marketing and Communications, so you’ll be hearing more from me via, social media and emails J


Hope you’re inspired to listen to some good music and keep calm. Music all day everyday.


What are your fav tracks at the moment? Tell me @beatfreeks or info@beatfreeks.com




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