The Younger Mind

Tomorrow’s imagination is the foundation of what today is. The purpose behind the movements of the current revolutionaries is not only to create avenues for change to occur now, but also to set up a new world for those that look towards sources of inspiration; like a flower looks to the sun.


The new modern era – a construction site for the birth of important perspectives, quintessential ideas, and unification. The creative activists of today understand the significance of a well nurtured mind. I feel as if this current generation has finally found a medium to be able to collaborate the lessons learned from individual experiences and lessons we have been taught by word of mouth. We understand why touching fire is prohibited but also why extinguishing a violent flame is much more important.

My only fear is, what if we try so hard to get it right, we get it wrong? What if our ideas to create a solid new foundation is so driven by current minds that we become oblivious to, in my opinion, one of the most fundamental reasons as to why we are tearing apart old bricks to lay new ones?


The mind of tomorrow is set to be the most powerful and most awoken. We know that life’s most valuable lessons do not come from a ‘national curriculum’ – instead it comes from attention to detail through the most sincere intention. But how often do we take a step back and observe? How often do we look at our footsteps and think perhaps our shoes are too worn out to be passed on for someone else to fill? It is of the upmost importance that we acknowledge and apply this following rule: we do not do what we do to implement our way of life upon others, we do what we do to cater to the comfort of those that will soon take the baton from us.

Patience is absolutely key. When we get lost on the way to the hotel on holiday we don’t just think, “Oh, let’s just get the next flight home”.


The intention to adventure has been self-cemented already. What’s next is finding new routes if old ones get blocked to access; and the only friend that will guide you through all of this is patience. To teach younger minds how to perfect and further develop this state of peace is to recreate the values of what this world abides by. But in order to do that, we need to break the inner levels of superiority that perhaps come with the role of being a protector/guardian. Regardless of how old or young, what connects us all and allows us to connect and coexist, even by the thinnest thread, is emotion. We can make mistakes. From each mistake we learn and from each lesson we grow. You have a duty to remember that. Start from there and see where it all takes you. I pray that by the next time I write some sort of blog, we have, in our own way; learned something new and taught something valuable.

P.S: (To all the predated culture vultures): If you have a daughter or a younger sister to take care of; make sure you teach her the best and worst things in life. The women of yesterday are the wealth of knowledge that tomorrow’s success will grow from. Remember that.

Written by Raza Hussain.

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