Be Internet Citizens

A free programme that equips teachers and youth workers with the tools to empower young people to be safe users of the web and encourage them to be positive voices online.

Delivered by Beatfreeks, powered by Google.org and Youtube.

Free teacher training around digital citizenship & e-safety – qualifies as CPD

Free PSHE accredited resources with ‘ready to deliver’ lesson plans

“This is the ideal resource, we’ll be using this forever. We have 240 girls aged 11 to 16 years whose lives can be changed positively from the programme. This will now be part of set form time lessons for many years to come.”

- Headteacher who attended one of our training sessions.


October 22, 2020
Digital Citizenship: Training Webinar
 | 11:30
 - 14:30

Beatfreeks has teamed up with UK Youth to deliver Be Internet Citizens, an innovative training and resource programme for educators and youth workers – supported by Google.org and YouTube. This training event equips those who work directly with young people with the tools to teach them how to become safe users of the web, and encourage them to be positive voices online.

October 22, 2020
Fake News: Real Life Consequences Hosted by Richie Brave
 | 14:30
 - 16:00

By now most of us have heard of the term, Fake News. Some of us may even be thinking about how we equip young people with the tools to navigate Fake News online. And for a select few, protecting young people from Fake News may be part of our duty of care; parents, teachers, youth workers. We see you.

October 22, 2020
(Mind the) Digital Skills Gap
 | 16:30
 - 17:30

90% of all jobs now require digital skills but how many of us have the skills required to fill those jobs? And if we don’t have the skills, how do we gain them? It’s no longer the case that you have to be a website designer, or similar, to be digitally capable. The influence of the internet is now seeping into most facets of our economy, and indeed the jobs that fill it.

October 22, 2020
Cancel Culture: Shame on Who? With Ayishat Akanbi & Jaspreet Kaur
 | 18:00
 - 19:00
An online discussion exploring the complexities (or not) of cancel culture and online shaming. We have all seen cancel culture play out online. Maybe you’ve even joined a cancel party yourself. Whether it was your favourite YouTuber getting cancelled from some wild 2010 tweets, or a large company getting cancelled after being exposed for mistreating staff. It exists, and it seems to be on the rise. So, let’s talk about it.



Beatfreeks, powered by Google.org, are delivering free e-safety training sessions for teachers and youth workers.

We welcome all educators who work with young people aged 13 – 15 years to join us at one of our online training events.

During our interactive webinar, our expert facilitators will deconstruct, and build your confidence in teaching, complex topics with a unique, fun first approach. ‘Be Internet Citizens’ covers topics such as fake news, biased writing, echo chambers, filter bubbles, emotional manipulation, scapegoating and us versus them mentality.

Taking part qualifies as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for all teachers and youth workers. Each participant will come away with:

a copy of our PSHE accredited resources which includes five session plans
a copy of our supplementary resources suitable for remote teaching during the COVID – 19 pandemic


Now in its third year, ‘Be Internet Citizens’ empowers young people to be safe and responsible whilst navigating their digital communities. Last year, the programme reached over 36,000 young people through 27 events and this year, it aims to go even further, moving online to reach more people.


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