Take a Little Time to Nurture

“Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.” – Unknown


We are always appreciating what others are doing but we forget to take a step back and appreciate ourselves, because without realising, we are all doing something incredible. I don’t do this often, as I am scared of looking ‘vein’ or I may compare something that I am proud of to something that someone has done better.

However, we need to stop comparing ourselves to others, because no one is the same. Imagine if everyone was the same, it would be like being part of Abnegation from Divergent, where there is no sense of self and no ability of expression. We’re all unique and individual, with abilities that we should let shine through and admire. Nurture these abilities, because without nurture there will be no development and we will let ourselves lose this special part of ourselves, because we aren’t paying attention to it. There will be people who are good at the same thing as you, or might be doing the same thing as you well, but don’t feel like they are over shining you and don’t let them act as a cloud covering your sun, use them to brighten your sun rather than darken it.

We work better as a collective and this is where the best ideas, as well as friendships come from. Friends will help you to nurture your ability when you feel like you can’t, and they can pick you back up when you’re feeling low. But sometimes we have days where we don’t want to be around others and feel stronger alone. This is OK too!


Take some time for yourself and forget about what others are doing. Focus on yourself. This will enable you to spend more time to nurture yourself, creating a stronger and more sustainable you! Spend less time worrying about what someone else is doing, that you aren’t. If you find yourself worrying about what others are doing that you are not, change it! But, if you can’t, then move on and do something incredible elsewhere. Always forgive yourself if you can’t do something. If you don’t know how to forgive yourself then you can start to learn how to forgive yourself.

“Love yourself! Love everyone and everything. Then be a little selfish and love yourself a little more.”  ― Abhishek Kumar, Stardust Family – We Are One!


I’m not saying we shouldn’t appreciate what others are doing because we should, as there are so many change makers and role models out there who should be used as inspiration and be recognised. Everyone is unique and amazing with their own special ability. Whether it be fishing, writing, photographing or dancing. No matter what your ability, it is important and needs to be nurtured. Take time for yourself, appreciate yourself and use others as an inspiration if need be. There is also no harm in asking for help, we all get stuck at times and need that little bit of help. Just don’t forget to love yourself.


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