Birmingham Museums Trust Youth Engagement Structure consultancy

Young people of colour need to be given autonomy to shape their OWN future, and this is why Don’t Settle is creating a Youth Engagement Structure (Y.E.S.) for Birmingham Museums Trust. The initiative aims to give young people a chance to be consultants and Participate in ideas generation, providing input into the design of a […]

Onlooker August Poetry Lime

August’s Onlooker is written by the powerful and stylish Jovona Johnson a powerhouse of thought she looks at Poetry Lime August Edition and gives her thoughts. 

Onlooker July Poetry Lime

Check out this month’s Onlooker by fire catcher T’Afari Steede as she discusses the underground secret that is Poetry Lime. 

The Eagle Has Landed

Luci is attempting to document the progress of the Beatfreeks Barbados initiative.