We are going through a hell of a lot of political turmoil, but it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, your life is directly affected by politics.


You have the power to change and shape the world we desire to live in, whether that be a few years or decades down the line. The key is to increase our interest and engagement en masse. Think of how many people who have the right to vote but don’t. On an individual basis it may not seem like such a big fuss, but when you pool all these individuals together you can begin to see the major effects this can pose on the final outcomes.

As a millennial, I feel very much in the dark and quite frankly disappointed with the current political system and leaders. I feel like the overall population are being misrepresented, misunderstood, stereotyped and taken for fools. We are lied to on a daily basis and equally a lot of truths are omitted from us, leading us to false perceptions and perspectives of the people and the world we live in.

We desperately need to stop fighting against one another and use that energy to disassemble power structures and dismantle dubious and unreliable so called “leaders”.

What’s in it for you?


Who wants to live their life being controlled by manipulative self-serving ignoramus’? Last time I checked this was a democratic society, so why is it time and time again we feel like we are not being listened to? Prove it to yourself that you are worthy of voicing your opinion, that you are worthy of a better standard of living and that you should have equal rights. If we constantly tell ourselves that we cannot make a difference then, yeah, we won’t – but negativity never got anybody anywhere. Be positive, be active, get involved. Educate yourself, your siblings, your parents, your peers even your teachers and lecturers. Be the person who cares enough for themselves and others to start building the resistance against poor leadership and poor tactical politics.

Young people this… young people that… There are so many positive traits us Millennials and Gen Z’s share that are often overlooked or downplayed by older generations. We are resilient, woke and highly intelligible in addition to being very entrepreneurial.


We don’t fit the antiquated roles or status quo and we fight for what is right. We are often deliberately pushed out of the political sphere, but this should encourage us even more to participate at all available opportunities we get.

So make sure you are registered online to vote for the West Midlands Mayoral Election on 4th May, and for the upcoming Prime Minister election on 8th June. Don’t let other people be making decisions for you when they don’t relate to your needs!

It takes less than 2 minutes but make sure you have your National Insurance deets on you to save time: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

P.S. Be sure to also follow @amyrozelmartin as she counts down the #100Reasons2Vote.

Written by Paige Jackson.

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