Starting A New Job – Tips from our new RDM!

The feelings of starting a new job, excited about the new path on your journey your going to be taking, about meeting new people and the exciting things you will be doing. But then sometimes that bit of nervousness creeps in, which is fine, many people have that nervous feeling too.

 What is handy is to know a couple of tips for when you start your new job…

 1.     Be prepared!

When starting a new job its important to make sure you have all the little bits a bobs you need to help you be the best you can be. If you love a good list note down all the things you need:

  1. Notebook- Check
  2. Pen- Check
  3. Food/ Snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day- check

On the first day you may have gone over board with all the things you have thrown into your bag, but its ok. At least you know what you will need and what you don’t need. By the end of the week you may even have a lighter bag. 

2.     Say ‘Hi, how are you?’ to everyone!

It may be a bit nerve wrecking meeting lots of new people, but these are the people you are going to be working with. Say Hi and show an interest in what they do and their role. Warming up relationships and getting to know the team will help you to feel more comfortable and ask questions during your time there.

3.     Questions are good!

There is a lot of new information for you to take in; there might be some information that gets pushed out with everything you are taking in. If there is something you don’t know, don’t worry just ask the question again. Better for you to ask, then for you to set there stressing you don’t know. That’s even if you need to ask where the toilets are again or whether it’s cool to eat at your desk.  

4.     Smile 🙂

With absorbing information, people’s names, where everything is and what you’re responsibilities are the facial expression might be more one of worry. So smile (when appropriate). You’re starting a new journey, which is exciting. Smiling also raises your mode, de-stress you and help you to enjoy your new workplace.

5.     Be Proactive

Get stuck into things! If there is an opportunity for you to get involved in a workshop, event or meeting then go for it. Ask if there is anything you can help out with or any documents you can read over. This can be one of the quickest ways for you to understand about the company or organisation and how they work. Ask if there is anything you can help out with  

These are things I have picked up from my first week at Beatfreeks. Last week I started my new role as Regional Development Manager. The night before I had the excitedly nervous feeling, I overloaded my bag with all the ‘just in case’ things and luckily many of them I did need.

I was previously working for an Educational Charity, UFA, overseeing their youth network and co-ordinating a leadership programme helping young people to make an impact in their communities. Working with young people and supporting them to build their confidence and unlock their potential to do great things is something I really enjoy doing. Working with Beatfreeks was the perfect next step, I knew it was going to be a challenge and push me out of my comfort zone. But that was something I felt ready to do!

The first week was action packed, at the end of the week I sat back and reflected on how prevailed I was to work with an organisation that passionate and driven to empowering young and creative people. I look forward to working on driving arts based programmes within Beatfreeks forward and providing young people with platforms to unleash their creativity.

Leadh 🙂


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