Operation Brum Youth Trends 2018

How long do we have to wait until someone stops to listen to the future of the city? The time is now. We have taken the learnings from last year’s report and held ourselves to account. In just under 4 weeks we had 643 young people completing in the survey for Brum Youth Trends, we are delighted to announce that our research report has given us enough insight to continue to a second year of Brum Youth Trends. We are on a mission to hear as many voices as possible and bring give the power back into the hands of young people and the community, who stood up to voice their opinions and made a real change in the city.

So what is Brum Youth Trends and what is the purpose of this report?

The first Brum Youth Trends came from a need to listen and document the voices of our community, to take the issues that were raised by young people and give it to the people who have the power to do something about it. The questions stemmed from our curiosity to the current political climate at the time and from the conversations that we had been having with young people who had strong opinions and were looking for change. The volume of responses and reaction to the report were phenomenal.

With over 400 downloads from organisations such as Virgin Media, Birmingham City Council and Uprising – the report has had a big impact, even influencing the next generation of culture funding for young people within the city. This is further proof that young people have power to make real change within the city by raising your concerns. Our mission is to have a research report that provides authentic insight to the wants, needs of young people; and include them in  shaping this city.

So what is happening next?

  1. We are going digital, to make the app even more engaging and accessible, we’ve partnered with Verto so that you can take part from the comfort of your own home. Take part here.

  2. We have a Brum Youth Trends leadership team, aswell as our two interns Xavier and Tembi who will be open to listen to your thoughts about how this city could be better for young people. Want to get in touch? Contact Zeddie.

  3. We are taking over Birmingham Town Hall on Wednesday 10th October for Brum Youth Trends: Summit. Book your ticket here.

How can we shape this city together?

Think about how much this city has changed over the last 5 years, do you remember when they opened Grand Central or when the Queen opened the trams, or when the Birmingham Library closed and then opened and now is… partially open. Does it annoy you at how much the cost of travel goes up every year and you don’t get a say but have to pay?

Well before any of these major decisions happen, conversations happen there are open discussions, panels and talks but very few young people are involved in this, by filling in the survey you have the power to make a real difference. 

Do you want to get involved?

It’s time to amplify your voice. Are you aged between 14 – 25 and want to lead the way to create change in the city? Complete the Brum Youth Trends questionnaire, it will take a few moments of your time so grab a biscuit or two and settle in. The questionnaire is designed to be a unique and interactive experience that will make the minutes feel like seconds. There will also be a paper copy available at events such as Poetry Jam and HEADSPVCE. (As the web app is optimised for phones, you may need to adjust the size of your browser if completing on a laptop).

One of the most powerful ways to champion the Brum Youth Trends movement is to share it; drop it in your group chat, give your students the link, tweet and retweet it. We’ll be in schools, colleges, Universities and youth clubs up and down the city over the next few months – if you study, work or have a good relationship with any of these establishments and would like to be a Brum Youth Trends champion, nominate them and work closely with the leadership team.

The mission starts right here right now, see you on Wednesday 10th October.

Written by Zeddie Lawal

For more information about Brum Youth Trends visit our website


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