Save the Date! National Youth Trends™ Launch Event

It’s time to don your very best research and insight hat – our National Youth Trends™ subscription offer is launching in early 2023 and all are welcome to come and join us at our online launch event.

Built on the big ideas, useful insights and creative inspiration of Young Disruptors from across the UK, the National Youth Trends™ subscription instantly connects you to what 16-35 year olds are talking and thinking about. A window into all things youth, pop and sub culture, National Youth Trends™ keeps you connected to the mood of now, providing you with the insights that will scale your relevance.

To celebrate this exciting launch, our online event will be all about the power of embracing youth voice in business, with a focus on how listening to young people as citizens, workers and consumers can support your brand relevance.

Also included in the event will be some real, relevant, and ever so exclusive insights fresh out of National Youth Trends™. Our event panel will be made up of real Young Disruptors and some incredible industry leaders, plus our amazing internal team of Futurists and Generation Experts will be there to host and share their expertise.

Safe to say, the insights will be well and truly FLOWING.

So, join us in our online launch event on 19th January at 8:30am (bring a cuppa, a coffee, a croissant, whatever you fancy) and sit back and enjoy whilst we deep-dive our hot-off-the-press insights and explore how embracing the ideas, voices and creativity of Young Disruptors can truly scale the relevance of your brand and organisation.

You. Don’t. Want. To. Miss. It.

Full agenda is to follow but you can register your interest for the event here and we will save you a spot.

See you there!


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