Tackling the EU Referendum Through a ‘Data Rave’


18 May 2016

Eastside’s Millennium Point is set to host a data-driven ‘rave’ that will give young people, aged 16 and above, the chance to explore the EU Referendum through a series of creative interventions and activities.

Ministry of Data will take place in Millennium Point’s Atrium on Saturday 4th June from 8pm to 11pm. The event is designed to help young people make decisions around the big question on everyone’s mind – to Brexit or to Bremain?

The event has been organised by Doink, a Birmingham-based start-up company that collects and communicates data creatively to help people make better decisions, and its sister company Beatfreeks, a creative youth engagement agency which empowers young people to reach their potential.

Guests will be able to take part in a range of activities including stamping their identity at the free temporary tattoo parlour and getting ‘snapped with a stat’ in the pop-up photobooth.

As well as being able to register to vote on the night, individuals will have access to Public Relationship Counselling – a session in which live sound mixes are made based on their feelings towards the EU.

Guests will also be treated to street food, a DJ, live soundscapes, and a dance floor with a range of live visual projections and giant 6 foot balloons.

Neil Anderson, director of marketing, communications and events at Millennium Point, says: “The EU Referendum is such a hot topic and our city needs to inform young people so that they feel confident when voting IN or OUT. Ministry of Data provides a unique approach for people to come together and explore one of the biggest political moments to date.

“We are proud to support Beatfreeks and Doink who are continuously finding new ways to debate topical issues and engage people across the city.”

Anisa Haghdadi, Founder and CEO of Beatfreeks and Doink, adds: “Ministry of Data gives us the chance to capture the interest of young people in a fun setting suited to them. We’ve designed the event around a rave-inspired environment drawing on themes of enjoyment, socialising, letting go, stimulation and excitement. We hope young people across the city join us at Millennium Point.”

For more information and to book your free ticket, visit: http://www.millenniumpoint.org.uk/Event/beatfreeks-ministry-of-data


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Notes to Editors

About Millennium Point

Enabling a great place to experience the future. Millennium Point is a destination to experience science, technology and learning. At the centre of Eastside (Birmingham’s learning quarter) Millennium Point is home to Faculties of Birmingham City University, Birmingham Metropolitan College, and Thinktank – the city’s Science Museum. Millennium Point is available to hire and is perfect for seminars and presentations, exhibitions and expos, performances, film premiers and fairs.

www.millenniumpoint.org.uk / @MillenniumPoint

About Beatfreeks

Beatfreeks is an award-winning youth engagement agency building communities around ideas. Beatfreeks unlocks the potential of young people and brands by unleashing their creativity. It helps organisations to better understand and engage with young people and gives young people real life contexts to develop skills, networks and confidence.

www.beatfreeks.com / @beatfreeks

About Doink

Doink facilitates incredible cross-discipline collaborations to create world-class visuals and experiences. Doink’s work is designed around creative data capture and data communication with the aim to help people make better decisions.

www.doink.co / @doinkco

About Ministry of Data

Ministry of Data is supported by a number of organisations including, Sky Academy, Royal Society of Arts, mac Birmingham, Arts Council England and youth partner, Bite the Ballot.

As part of the Sky Academy Arts Scholarships 2015, the founder and CEO of Beatfreeks, Anisa Haghdadi was awarded a £30,000 scholarship towards the Ministry of Data and a number of other projects.

Ministry of Data has been designed by Hannah Silva (sound artist and theatre maker), Tommy Xiaoji (visual artist and DJ), Yinka Danmole (curator and designer), Najite Graham (copywriter) and Anisa Haghdadi (creative producer).


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