Hello Lauren Williams here, the new host and producer for LEVEL UP SEASON FOUR! 
Level UP season four kicks off Thursday 24th September at 7pm, and it’s going to be live!!!

Level UP is a youth open mic night which features one nationally renowned spoken word artist as a headline act, and a young emerging artist who would like to further their career. 

This month we have the Lovely Jodi Ann Bickley as our headline act. She is a spreader of happiness and the author of “One Million Lovely Letters” a series of poetry that she uses to give people a pick me up and remind them to stay positive. You can request a Lovely Letter on her website: www.onemillionlovelyletters.com


Also as our young emerging artist we have Caleb Femi the incredible round house 2015 winner and emerging poet. You can check out his electric performance on YouTube.

Poetry Slam 2015 Winner: Caleb Oluwafemi – “Children of The ‘Narm”


On the night we have a few open mic slots so get there early if you want to grab one. I’m looking forward to it, see you then! 

Best Wishes,



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