Let It Be

Stuck ruminating,

Nothing’s changing,

Which way to go?

It’s complicated.

Fear of failure,

Fear of the unknown,

Paralysed at the middle of a cross roads,

Is it safety and comfort holding you back?

Familiarity with your current chosen path?

Could it be one big haze of ambiguity?

Not sure what it is, your ultimate destiny?


What’s your drive?

What’s your passion?

What’s your purpose in life?

It’s easier to stand still than to throw the dice?


Will that just be your life?

Stand back and let it all just pass by?

Well if that’s the case you will be paying the price,

Of regrets,

The should haves –

All that lost time.


Hold yourself accountable for courage and risk taking,

Otherwise you’ll always be stood still waiting,

For the perfect opportunity,

That’s been and passed and long gone,


Nobody said this journey you’re on –

Would be,


Linear path.

That’s daft and absurd,

A rare story you told and heard.

Written by Paige Jackson as a continuation of Keep Riding the Waves of Change.

Want to write a guest blog? The themes for November are ‘Journeys and Changes’. Send your blog to bradley@beatfreeks.com, or contact for more information.


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