Is 364 days not enough?

Woah… its February already? Where has this year gone so far? I mean it only feels like yesterday we welcomed in 2016! 

So, it’s February, the month of care and compassion. It’s the month of Ash Wednesday, start of LentShrove Tuesday and of course Valentine’s Day. Now, this is why it is a good month for this month’s blog theme to be on care and compassion because all of these holidays highlight this, right?

But, why do we need holidays in order to show care and compassion?


I mean come on, shouldn’t we be showing our partners that we love them every day and spoil them whenever we can? Why do we need a day for this? It is something that we should be doing anyway, just like Father’s and Mother’s day (it’s a nice gesture to have a day to celebrate our Moms’ and Dads’, but why do we have to have a day telling us we need to celebrate them?) We need to learn that life is short and we shouldn’t be waiting a whole year to celebrate someone. We should be treating everyday like Valentine’s and every minute like its Mother’s day/Father’s day.

You can show care and compassion everyday and you don’t have to splash the cash either! You need to remember, it’s the thought that counts, and little gestures will go a long way to make someone feel loved and cared for.

Here are some ideas that can help you show some care and compassion:

1. After work you could go and get some flowers from a stall in town on your way to your bus or train (You would be doing a good deed to the flower guys too because you can see how badly they want to get rid of them flowers! Selling flowers for a pound… they are practically giving them away!) 

2. You could also get a post it note and write a little message on it before you leave for work and put it where you know that person will find it like in their lunch or on their laptop. Maybe even leave it on their phone (this is a good place because no one can resist looking at their phone when they wake up in the morning).

3. A simple text message telling someone what you love about them is a way to show someone that no matter how busy you are, you can always make time for them, because that’s what is important, making sure you always make time for those who surround you.

No matter what is important at that one point in time, it won’t always be important, so don’t prioritise it over someone you care for.


4. Don’t get me wrong I do like to feel appreciated on days like Valentine’s Day, who doesn’t? I like to see some flowers, a card or a little thing someone has made, because it is always the thought that counts and that’s why I think that little homemade gifts are always the best ones. Like a homemade card, because it shows that they have taken time out to do something special for you. No matter how badly designed the card is, you have shown you have made an effort and that you wanted to do something special for someone. 

5. People have this assumption that you need to spend loads of money on the person you care for to show that you care for them, but this isn’t always the case. Giving someone money or buying an expensive gift is easy*! (Also, you might not be able to afford to buy something expensive.) *There is not much thought behind giving money. But, when you spend minimal money and do something cheesy, cute and/or homemade, it can show that you know the person and want to do something unique.

6. Lastly, You could start making a scrapbook. Keep tickets, photos and postcards of places you have been to – with the person that you care for, and give it to them on a day you feel is right. It can show them that you have wanted to capture every moment you have had with that person.

So there you have it, a few ways to show care and compassion to the people you love. We all have the ability to be caring and compassionate, so don’t use any excuses like, ‘I’m not a romantic’ or ‘I didn’t get a chance to get something’ (I know that’s what you have been thinking while reading this blog). Because we can all do it! No excuses! 

Written by Lauren Jones.

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