How To: Say Yes To Everything and Actually Make it Happen

A quick guide into producing and organising your artistic career


Step 1  – Say NO! (Know when to say NO!)

This is literally the golden rule in regards to making sure that your projects are realistic, approachable and beautifully executed. It’s vital that you stay passionate about what you have committed to especially when there an extensive amount of exciting projects to work on. Balancing your time and spreading out your projects will enable you to keep your creative juices flowing and motivated!

Step 2 – Plan your Day!

From first hand experience this is a very close runner up to step 1, (in fact let’s call it step 1.5). Taking time out of your busy schedule to plan your day is vital! Although some things may not go to plan, by having something written down you’ll at least have a skeleton of what you’re doing and where you need to be so you won’t double booking yourself and end up over committing, I can’t stress how important this is!

Step 3 – Keep calm and if you can’t take a break, have a kit kat or an ethical alternative

There will be a day, let’s call this day D day. You are 3 days away from your fantastical event  and an artist has  cancelled, your venue decides to combust into thin air resulting  in a cancellation. Now the worst thing to do in this scenario is panic! Take a break and dive straight into your contingency plan, these things happen all the time the best thing to do is make sure you have a sea ideas swimming around. The show will go on!

Step 4 – It’s ok to ask for help! (Every challenge is a learning curve)

Although having a contingency plan is beneficial, there will be times where you need to ask for help! Asking for help can lead you to doors that you may have never opened, which results to conversations, ideas and eventually a supportive network! Always remember some challenges were made to see how effectively you work even when you’re at your wits end.

Step 5 – Deadlines (They can be your best friend and your worst enemy)

Set yourself mini deadlines before the due date by completing these mini deadlines you will feel confident and reassured! When it comes to hitting deadlines  just make sure you have a can do attitude! Stay positive (and if all goes wrong refer back to step 4)

Step  6 –  Go forth and prosper!

Producing events can be an absolute headache but nothing is more rewarding than seeing your idea sprout into a reality! Thank you for reading this tips and I hope they were useful

Zeddie Lawal – Creative Artist,  Producers Group Alumni. I’m currently doing some work experience with Beatfreeks so I’ll be in the offices.  For any further enquiries my email is follow my band on twitter @wearetransits


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