Politics is not only relevant to young people, but is actually relevant to everyone. From the moment you’re born … even before … politics and politicians have shaped the world into which you arrive. Now this may or may not be a good thing, but sadly, at the moment, it’s a reality. From the pre-natal care your mother receives, to the education and opportunities you will be exposed to. From the milk and food you are fed at birth to the jobs / universities you will hopefully move onto … or, in fact, the benefits and support you may claim. Politics has shaped them all.


You don’t necessarily need to be involved in politics every day, though you may unwittingly be involved in some form of politics or another, but don’t be so naive as to say that politics does not affect you. You may prefer to be a passive observer and dip your toe in when you feel mobilised to do so – that’s okay, as long as you are aware of what’s going on. If you don’t know … get to know, as the saying goes.


It’s so difficult to understand what’s going on sometimes. Politicians will make claims then opposing politicians make counter claims and you are left wondering who is telling the truth. Are any of them telling the truth? Sadly, you’re going to have to let your conscience decide. The truth is out there – it’s just really hard to find if you don’t witness it yourself. After all … you can’t trust the media completely … politics again.


The most important thing with politics is to have a voice. Make your mark. Russell Brand said that he never votes because he would be pandering to “the establishment” and it is the establishment that is twisted and wrong. We need a peaceful revolution, he said. I kind of agree to some extent. But Russell Brand is in a privileged position … he is a celebrity and can make his voice heard quite easily. Voting, to me, is important. Whether you vote for a party or simply spoil your ballot paper (spoilt ballot papers are counted), it tells “the establishment” … “I will not be ignored … I have a voice”. The establishment rules on the notion of passiveness and apathy. Politics is a matchbox … it can set fire to beacons of hope, or burn down beautiful buildings.


Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito

Bromsgrove Green Candidate 2015



Be at Make your Mark on Thursday 16th 5 – 8pm Room 104 at Library of Birmingham to have your say & find out more about voting, immigration, europe and politics!



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