Follow Your Bliss

The tradition of New Years resolutions helps catapult us into the new year with fresh energy. Some people take to the gym, a few dust off their old guitars and for others, that dream holiday finally gets penciled into the calendar. It’s warming to see so many people ready to build something new, rushing out onto a fresh canvas – eager to paint their dreams… at least that how I picture it. Every day is getting us closer to our bliss.

Most resolution lists feature common elements, certain repeat offenders. They make their way on to lists for positive reasons; logical reasons, because they matter, because they are important and because they are safe. Everyone can benefit from watching their health, from organising their time better and spending a little less money on things they don’t really need. This shouldn’t stop you from adding something a little different to your list, something a little more, you. The last I checked no one marks you on the contents of your resolutions and goals.

Trying something new might be the difference maker for the new year.


You have no idea where one good addition to the list might send you in the next 12 months, throw some curve balls in with your classic resolutions and take a chance. Different can mean different things to different people, you can play it as small or as big as you want. Mix it up a little!

This game is simple, and there is only one real rule to follow, its something to keep you on track further down the road. To make sure you don’t lose your bearings while keeping up with all your new years resolutions, be sure to do it for you. You owe it to yourself, you are the one person who has to live with these promises for the rest of the year, might as well enjoy them.

Do it for you.


As obscure as that sounds, it’ll make sense along the way. When you finally get it into your head that origami is for you, please don’t fold that idea away into some shape of acceptance, don’t let your interests fade away for the sake of fitting in, face into It.  I can’t promise origami will win you fame and fortune, but it’ll be the difference between being happy playing and playing happy. One of those two things looks like fun, the other one feels like fun, and I promise you that doing something that genuinely makes you happy will have a much better chance of making it through the next 365 days, you’ll probably become an oragami expert out of it too as a bonus.

There is no “real world” that frowns upon your something different, value isn’t always traded in tangible tender. I know that some part of you understands the value of a smile, you know that it goes deeper than your pockets and can buy you a lot more than peace of mind. It can win you the piece of mind that knows the sense to lend a smile when its needed, It can teach you the courage to say yes to your bliss.

Life is better when we learn to love and live our talents, it builds the trust in what magic is to us, so we can wear our skin with comfort.


Tally up your targets for the year, but don’t forget a little something for you. In doing what we have to do, there is no need to forget what we want to do. Follow your bliss.

Written by The Blissful Nomad.

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