Don't Settle

Don’t Settle empowers young people of colour from Birmingham and the Black Country to change the voice of heritage through the arts, research, and governance.

History is a collection of stories. We want to make all stories visible. How? By changing who tells these stories.


Curator Programme

The Curator Programme is a development programme that supports young people of colour in telling these stories with our partners, and finding ways to make changes that are valuable, long-lasting and part of the norm.

In 2020, our Curator Programme with four projects: Pen to Paper, Birmingham by Night, Orange is in Season, and Made in the Black Country. Each project focuses on a different partner, different subject area and different outputs.

Our partners are Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham Roundhouse, and Chance Heritage Trust.

History is a collection of stories. We want to change whose stories get told.


Young people have a lot to say. Let’s give them space to say it.

Lunar Campfires is a space for young people of colour to shape how we discuss personal identity, culture and representation. This is especially because white privilege is embedded in heritage, discussions of history, and the stories we tell.

All events are co-designed with the Lunar Residents. At every event, you can expect a safe space, cathartic discussion, activities, food and a lot of learning.hero-section


Unlock the histories of minoritised communities, and bring them to the centre of heritage.

Don’t Settle works with Birmingham City University to uncover local neglected stories, and develop research skills with young people as research residents.

Accurate research is at the heart of the Curator Programme, and underpins all of our work.


Birmingham Museums Trust Youth Engagement Structure (YES)

Young people of colour need to be given autonomy to shape their OWN future, and this is why Don’t Settle is creating a Youth Engagement Structure (Y.E.S.) for Birmingham Museums Trust.
The initiative aims to give young people a chance to be consultants and Participate in ideas generation, providing input into the design of a new youth engagement structure for Birmingham
Museums Trust.

You will be working together through an action led approach and build a legacy that ensures young People of Colour have the opportunity to move into board positions following this initiative.
Applications now closed.
Curator Programme in the Black Country

We know that 2020 has been a tough year and young people are becoming more and more
concerned about what their future might look like, especially because the pandemic has made it
harder to build experience or meaningfully develop skills.
Well, we have got your back! We have partnered with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
and Multistory to deliver two creative programmes to help you to grow professionally, gain
knowledge and get the necessary experience to help build your CV when looking for

Applications now closed.

The Round Room Redisplay Programme

This is a fantastic opportunity for a young Person of Colour aged 16 – 25 looking to make a
meaningful impact whilst gaining the necessary experience to co-create the redisplay of the
Round Room in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The redisplay will reflect the people of
21st Century Birmingham; providing a public voice for the multicultural, dynamic, and highly
creative young population of Birmingham.

Applications now closed.


Formal Educational Resources

Non-Formal Educational Resources