Don't Settle

Don’t Settle empowers young people of colour from Birmingham and the Black Country to change the voice of heritage through the arts, research, and governance.

History is a collection of stories. We want to make all stories visible. How? By changing who tells these stories.


Curator Programme

The Curator Programme is a development programme that supports young people of colour in telling these stories with our partners, and finding ways to make changes that are valuable, long-lasting and part of the norm.

In 2020, our Curator Programme with four projects: Pen to Paper, Birmingham by Night, Orange is in Season, and Made in the Black Country. Each project focuses on a different partner, different subject area and different outputs.

Our partners are Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham Roundhouse, and Chance Heritage Trust.

History is a collection of stories. We want to change whose stories get told.


Young people have a lot to say. Let’s give them space to say it.

Lunar Campfires is a space for young people of colour to shape how we discuss personal identity, culture and representation. This is especially because white privilege is embedded in heritage, discussions of history, and the stories we tell.

All events are co-designed with the Lunar Residents. At every event, you can expect a safe space, cathartic discussion, activities, food and a lot of learning.


Unlock the histories of minoritised communities, and bring them to the centre of heritage.

Don’t Settle works with Birmingham City University to uncover local neglected stories, and develop research skills with young people as research residents.

Accurate research is at the heart of the Curator Programme, and underpins all of our work.


Chance Heritage Trust x Don’t Settle: In the Meantime… Programme

Are you a young Person of Colour aged 16 – 25 from Birmingham or the Black Country who is looking to gain vital work experience that could end up being a potential gateway into the heritage, construction, architecture and/or design sector?

Well then, our new programme could be for you!

We are looking for 6-8 roles that will work as a team along with Don’t Settle and Chance Heritage Trust staff to creatively develop ideas for temporary usage of the site in a way that would benefit the local Smethwick community.

Don’t Settle: Heritage Sector Manifesto for Change opportunity

Are you a young Person of Colour who wants to make an impactful change in the heritage sector?

Do you want to gain experience and skills through creating a manifesto that organisations can pledge to as well as get paid to create this manifesto?

If you enthusiastically nodded to the above questions then do we have a surprise for you!

We are currently looking for 10 young POC  aged 16 – 25 based in Birmingham or the Black Country to work with us on co-designing the Don’t Settle: A Heritage Manifesto. 

This manifesto will platform the voices of young People of Colour in how they want to see change within the heritage sector delivered in practice.

Applications now open


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